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Enemies AI - minions are often unlikely to attack enemies

JasonSpine 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 years ago 11

I made a video clip for you to show what's wrong...

Please use download button (upper right corner) to watch this with good quality.

You can also watch YouTube video:

Youtube video

That's a shame, because the game looks nice, and it's fun to build the dungeon in there.

Unfortunately minions AI seems broken...

Clip from your game comes from final mission of Volta. But AI problem happened to me since I bought the game (year 2016).

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Hey Jason,

I've never seen this happen before, could you please upload you save file from this match?

How to: Locate your save files

Hello. I didn't have a save file of the problem I've reported. So I had to play again.

New video:

Here is the save file: remote.zip

I think the main problem is "coward" AI. You see, Archon sometimes shoots, then he runs, and again shoot, run, doesn't do anything for a while etc...
I'd really like the minions to fight like in Dungeon Keeper - when they fight, they stay in position and fight until one of them is dead.

When you watch this video, does this game look appealing to you? I don't feel the minions fight at all !!

You've done a great job with building the dungeon. It looks great, and feels good. But minions and their fighting begs for a major improvement. Right now it's a huge disappointment. After building the great dungeon, you have minions that can't fight as they're supposed to :(

See once again how the fight looked in Dungeon Keeper (1997) 14m42s:

I can see each minion fight, without breaks, without running, pure fight! If you implement it this way in your game, that would be the spiritual successor it's supposed to be!

I know, you may not see that as a bug. It just doesn't meet customer expectations. I hope you agree with me that fighting system would be better with my request executed.

Also you might notice, you've picked a new font that doesn't provide Polish characters.

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I have never seen what happens in that video, nor do I know any way to reproduce it.

Since something like this doesn't happen in current internal build and I test the game every day, I doubt it is still an issue.

Unless someone can give me a list of steps to make this issue occur, I wouldn't even know where to start.


Well when loading the save game and tryinga bit I get similar behaviour, but this is only because the units are exhausted.

They need sleep, food and gold and then they will fight much better.

Hello, it's JasonSpine (I couldn't reach login form, so I logged in with Facebook).

I've got an idea. Maybe let the units fight normally all the time. But attacking would hurt them a little, when they are tired?

In my recent "play sessions" I wasn't aware of the problem source. Narrator didn't tell me "your minions are hungry" or "build a bigger lair". Yet sometimes he said, that minions didn't get pay, but all of them could reach treasure room at the moment and it wasn't empty. That was annoying.