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War for the Overworld Campaign Level 3: Minions are all stuck congregating at the portal

Cazier 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 4

I'm playing the original campaign, mission 3 where traps are introduced. All my minions are gathering at the portal. They're not eating, sleeping, going to collect pay, working or leaving the dungeon. They just stand around the portal playing their attack animations with their desires in a speech bubble.

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We have this seen once but could never reproduce it.

I guess it doesn't happen if you restart the level?

If it does, please quit the game and upload your output_log.txt as described here:


Please also add your system specs as described in the link.


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Restarting resolved this. I'll re-open with logs if it occurs again.

Cannot Replicate

Currently cannot replicate, will reopen if it reoccurs