Critical Error Steam initialize

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Hello from Germany,

i have a big problem with the game:
Everytime i start the Game it loads until the mainmenu and then a popup comes, that say:
"CRITICAL ERROR - Steam failed to Initialize. The game can't continue and will close."

so then nothing happend.I can go to Multiplayer and do nothing other then close the Game.
it would be really nice if someone could help me.

I re-install the game,look up the Settings and everything but nothing make the error disappear.


Game Version:
Steam Public
Stefan Furcht Programmer

Hello Sasuke Uchia,
this normally means that you lost connection to steam, steam is not running when starting the game or steam crashed.
Does your steam client show any errors on steam start up or when you start the game?
We had such an issue in the past, for some people it even fixed it self after a while.
However this is likely either an issue with your network connection (if not fixable, running Steam in offline mode will do) or an issue with your steam client (which can be fixed by reinstalling Steam software).

Please check and try these things and let us know if it helped.

Sasuke Uchia

Hello and first,thanks.

ah yeah i tried to close steam and then run the game,this mostely works but only for one map,means,when i win or lose then it go back to desktop.

the only thing that worked so far was complet turn off the computer and start it.

and steam give me no message or something,when i run "check" on the game it says; everything ok.

i have for now completely de-installed steam and any game,restart pc,install everything again and for now it works.

i hope that will work any further.

thanks again from me for the fast help ^_^

Stefan Furcht Programmer

Hey again,
I am well disposed this works.
Multiple people who had a similar issue in the past solved it by reinstalling Steam.
Let us know if you encounter problems again.

Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar
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