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workers don't collect gold

qqqbbb 5 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 5 years ago 11

There is gold lying around on the map but my workers don't collect it. savegame

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This is one for Cian to look into on the save file. Just to confirm though, workers often prioritise other tasks above collecting gold, they also do not collect gold if the vault is full are either of these things happening in your save?

There are no other tasks and vault is not full.

Replication Steps:

- Play multiple matches

- Have a Tavern

- have gold lying around

- play around for a while

- get a full vault

- save/load (can fix or cause the issue)

- Play around for a while

Those are everything I found usefull trying replicateing that issue

AI code is to blame. I got rid of all my beasts and workers started to collect gold.

That's very interesting indeed. As before one for Cian to look into when we're back off leave. But if the save file has the issue and it can be corrected by removing beasts we might be able to root out a cause.

We did meanwhile increase the priority for collecting gold but also found a bug which made workers not collect gold, when there were more important tasks to do, but those had a too high threat so workers discarded them and did nothing.

This is all improved by now and so should be this issue.

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