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Crashing on Sandbox & Scenarios mode Stonegate Map

dcx518@gmail com 7 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 7 years ago 12 1 duplicate

Windows 10 64bit

AMD FX 8350

16gig DDR3

2 x ATI Radeon Fury x (crossfire)

Game Version 1.3.1f5

When playing game. Only locks up game when minion finishes claiming the tavern hallways, either side of the map, that leads to the final hero's and inhibitor room, screen freezes, audio continues, have to log out of account and log back in to force close it. Unable to complete this game as cant go any further without capturing the hallways.

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Thanks for the report :)

[~stefan.furcht] have a look in the prop parser, room matrix, find biggest square. The L shape of those room produce an infinite loop there :^/

I've also noticed that, as more of the map is claimed, the game locks up when the Hand hovers over a character - not clicked or grabbed, but just hovering over. Doesn't seem to matter if they are moving or not (ko/dead).

Intel Cor i7-4790K 4gHz

32 gigs Ram

Win 7 Prof

Dual NVidia GeForce GTX 970's (1920x1080 res)

Game Version 1.3.1f5

The algorithm itself is based on simple for-loops, thus it can not produce an infinite loop.
However I figured there was a failure with the enlargement of the counts buffer which does cause an integer overflow in case a new matrix is needed which has more than double amount of elements than all rooms parsed before.
It was just a little mistyped statement: newCap <<= newCap, instead of newCap <<= 1
Good find!
This might have caused freezes on some other maps as well. Especially if they contain very large/long rooms.
Completed - Resolved

The issue has been fixed internally and the fix will be included in next patch.

Hello. I have the same problem, when minions claim the tavern on this map the screen freeze. I have WFTO v1.3.1f5. What can I do? Thanks.

The issue is already fixed and will be patched in a couple of days.

However if you want to avoid the problem right now, it should not freeze, if you build a room which is at least half as long as this tavern floor, you can sell it afterwards.
This will make sure that an internal buffer is increased so that the problem does not happen.

Hope that helps!

Sorry, but that has not worked...

I'll wait to the next patch.

Thanks. :)

Hrm, it should have worked, but you couldn't do a spiral or any similar trick.
The room would need more than the half length of the long tavern in terms of covered map width or map height.
To be more exact, if you put an rectangle around the entire tavern floor room, the rectangle put around the room you need to build must have at least half of the area than the rectangle around this tavern floor.

However this is a complicated workaround and it shouldn't take long before the patch comes out.

Cheers :)


With the new patch I could finish this map!!!

Thanks :)


There are quite some other useful improvements as well.
Have fun! :)