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Loading Heart of Gold changes player color to green

Cheetah 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 7

When loading a recently saved game (same game version) of a Heart of Gold campaign mission, the player color is changed from yellow to green. The load menu still shows a thumbnail of the map with yellow pixels for the player-owned areas, but as seen in the screenshot (level 3) after loading this is changed to green. Subsequent saves keep the green color.

I'm running build 1.6.66 of the GOG version (manual download) on Arch Linux.


Image 4216

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Hello Cheetah,

did you switch back to the main campaign in the campaign selection menu when you loaded the save game?

Does it load in yellow if you switch back to Heart of Gold campaign before loading the save game?

I've not switched to the main campaign at any time between saving and loading, the Heart of Gold campaign has been the only active one. The same thing happens both when loading directly from the main menu, or from the campaign menu.

I see I made a typo in the original post: the screenshot shows level 2 (Rhoad); but the same problem occurs in level 3 too, for me anyway.


Hey Cheetah,

We will have a look if we can find the root cause of this.

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