Mandalf possession breaks the game

zimberzimber 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 11

Possessing Mandalf in HoG1 campaign does not lock the camera to his view, but it stays where it was as if you're still in Underlord mode. But it will rotate as if in possession mode while moving the cursor.

Otherwise you control him as you would normally in possession.

When un-possessing him, the possession HUD stays but you lose control over it, the camera locks in its current state (position and orientation), you retain control of Mandalf as if still in possession mode, and you cannot do anything else, forcing the player to alt+f4.

Mandalfs current color doesn't seem to matter.

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Unpossessed: (after moving mouse around while possessed)

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Thanks zimberzimber, we willl try to work out the root cause and fix this.

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Still bugged 1 year later what a progress like a champ! Gz boys you need money? Rather NOT

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Hi Magda,

Sorry to hear you've been affected by this issue. This was seemingly fixed for the release of Patch 2.0 but may have regressed in the meantime. I'll reopen this ticket for our QA Analyst to investigate and see what's up.




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