Workers wont transort killed enemis to prison

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They just pick them up and drop them



windows 7 home premium
6,00 GB
Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
the build is 1.3.2
On imported skirmish map

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Steam Public
Stefan Furcht

Hello Rax,
can you add a bit more details what happened?
I am unsure what issue you describe exactly.
Can you make a screenshot or even better a video as well?


They are in the knight army

It happend on these maps

As you can see the corpses have moved, but the workers havent taken them away.

by now they have to go to the cript put its still not working.

when i loaded the game i took the pictures and had to make new workers and then they started to take them away so it somehow fixed it self, but it souldent have happend in the first plais and this has hapend on two maps.


How far away is the prison? I remember I built a test map once to see if I could replicate another issue, but IIRC workers may refuse to carry KO'd enemies to the prison if the prison is - VERY - far away.

Stefan Furcht

Oh good point!
It might be then they would go to the minion to resuce, but then do not find a a path to a prison and drop it.
But to make this happen there must be a very long maze which must be more than two times longer than the maps diameter.

Which map is it, where is your prison and does it have space left?


The prison is were the white dots are on the map in my area (prisoners). its 5*11 so 27 prisoners fit in it. And there is a strait line to it. I just looked how many are in the prison and there are 3, but the pictures show 5 and 4 dots maybe a probleme with the picture(I saved and loaded just after this happent to see if it would fix it. It didnt ( when i saved the ko knights hadnt been out for long so thay shouldnt be dead jet, thats a nother problem) Thats how i got the pictures).

It also happend on this map on the wells of souls and the prison is right there.

Stefan Furcht

If you find any pointers how to trigger this issue easily please let us know.
Replication steps are often more than the half way to fix an issue.


(guesses)I had a lot of minions both times and a lot of them were converted or when the minions took the ko-ed knight and was frightend by a enemy and ran, the motion stuk with the ko-ed.


Same issue here on a standard scenario/sandbox map, my imps would take and instantly drop my fallen minions, leaving them to die.There was a path to all lairs, even tho not straight.

Jan - Eric Merzel
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Emil Hemdal

I'm experiencing the same issue as ZzZombo above (maybe it should be it's own issue?). I'm using Linux (WFTO v1.3.2f3). It does often happen on Campaign 12 (Subjugation) since for me my minions fall often on that level.