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With the last patch, the game loads with background and voice but the menu is invisible

mandragon 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 17

While the game loads, the loading screens are blank. When loaded the spinning rock is displayed and the voice says, "welcome overlord". But the menu is invisible. Random clicking in the area of the menu causes you to move to another room, but the menu still does not appear. This began with the last patch. Windows Vista

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Hey mandragon,

Could I get a bit more info? I need the following before I can look into this further:

  • System specs.
  • Your output_log.txt which should help to point to the cause of the issue.
  • The debug.log found in the Coherent_UI folder in the game directory.

This guide should help: How to: Submit a Bug Ticket.

Intel Q6600 quad core 2.4 ghz

8 gig ram

2 x 1TB hard drives 

Asus Strix OC Ti750 geoforce card  to 32 inch generic vga monitor

Win Vista Ultimate 64 bit  w/ service pack2 last build and updates



C:drive has approx 400 gb free space

Could you please try all the steps in the following guide? Missing, Invisible or Laggy UI

That should Correct this for you, if not then please get back to us and we will investigate further.

Did it all. No change. Still no loading screens when loading. And then comes up to the spinning rock with no menu visible and it gives the greeting.

Looking at the log the error must be caused by the UI not using the more powerful GPU in your system. in the How to force the more powerful NVidia GPU to turn on section did you follow the steps for both WFTOGame.exe and CoherentUI_Host.exe? You can find CoherentUI_Host.exe at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\CoherentUI_Host\windows

I'll try again. But my system only has the one video card. It does not have an on-board video solution. It is a

Gigabyte GA-EP45C-UD3R (rev 1.0)

Nope, still is sans menu.

Please double check that you have C++ redist 2010,2012,2013,2015. 2015 is the most important one. You can see which ones are installed in Control Panel.

If you are missing any then please go to the "_CommonRedist/vcredist" folder in the game's install directory.

Ok, I may have built my computer from scratch, but ... Could you give me an idea what part of the control panel might contain this information bbefore I have to open all 63 enntries looking for it.

You can find it in the Programs and Features section of control panel. See the attached image

No luck. still does not diisplay the menu. Even unistalled and reinstalled the game for the 4th tiime.

Ah I'm so sorry I only just saw your OS, We do not support Windows Vista, you must be on 7 or above to play the game, if you can upgrade you should be able to play.

Would you be able to upgrade and try again?

Sorry, no I have some productivity software that wiill not work on Win7. Any chance you could include a roll back function? sinnce it did work just fine unntil the Sept. patch.

Can you confirm that the game did not work when running the game on forced dx9 mode using -force-d3d9

We dont know what the cause of the issue is so we are unable to make a build that will correct this. Vista is also not explicitly supported 

@Mandragon There is a "Previous Build" beta that you can find listed as previousbuild (build number) on the Betas tab of the game settings.

Completed - Resolved

Assumed complete due to lack of response