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Gold piles have an efficiency rating.

RadYogh 3 年 前 更新人: Cian Noonan (Graphics Plumber) 2 年 前 4

Gold pile has a "Prop Efficiency" in the pop-up description.


RYNB.HTM - hardware information
DxDiag.txt - dxdiag...
output_log.txt - output log
4 shades of grey_20170904215641 - save file
4 shades of grey_20170904215641.meta - save file meta
And there are no crash reports yet. I will upload them later (when I get some).
( My discord ID: radyogh#1730 , just in case... )
Game Version:
GOG Galaxy

Well... It took a lot of time.... But you finally did it! :D

满意度评分用户: RadYogh 2 年 前

Thanks for the report

Look's like the text you're referring too is from the vault tile bellow but we may remove it as efficiency does nothing for the vault room

Completed - Next Patch

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