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Torture chamber subtitle correction

Webbernever1 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 18

Just a small thing: during a multiplayer game, if one of your units are converted in an enemy torture chamber And you receive the notification therefor, it says, 'Your {0} has been converted in an enemy Torture Chamber'.

This is very easy to replicate, albeit the message does not display every time.

Screenshot below:

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reproduced it with him.
It only happens when RR says a specias has been converted.


Whoops we will get this sorted

Looks like we dont transmit the name of the unit tortured

If I remember correctly, the narrator simply says 'minion' rather than the name/type of unit. At least, I believe that this was the case when I reproduced the message with Bohser. I may be mistaken though.

Thats the default so it should do that

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This is still at large.

Seems to be the cultist description.

Output log:

It's such a mess.

The only translation key which has voice over is the generic one with this placeholder.

Last time I fixed the notification text, but now I realize that the subtiltles come from the voice over, but the only valid one is the generic key.

What does Richard even say when this happens?

'Your "Minion" has been converted in an enemy torture chamber' I believe. It came from the cultist.

This must have been a mistake when the audio key was added to the game.

If you look at the notification on the right bar you will find a specific translation for the cultist, but it doesn't have an audio key.

The the game tries to find then a generic one which has audio to play this instead.
But accidentally this audio key has a translation with a placeholder but the voiceover queue can not know that it has such and doesn't replace it.

We might need to separate translation and audio into different keys to resolve this issue properly, because the key should then say "Minion" rather than "{0}".

Ok found another issue there was a typo "Cutlist" instead of "Cultist", so he should use a specific key now.
However if there is no specific key specified, the subtitle should now correctly say "A minion has been converted in an enemy Torture Chamber."

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