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map creation frozen

thereald3bug 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 14

Map Creation Broken.  I go to create a map and after entering the information, and clicking Create New Map, it simply freezes as shown.

Image 3283

NOTE:  I have blocked out the Author field.

Here are the logs: output logDxDiag.txt

It NEVER comes back from that, so I am forced to terminate the process... but it seems it does at least TRY to create the file... see this screenshot:

Image 3286

But of course it won't load it.

Game Version:
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Hey thereald3bug,

Your version of the game is actually out of date, can you please update to v1.6.2f3 and try again, it should be fixed.

I would love to... where do I get the patch?  Here is what it shows me on GOG:

(personal info has been blacked out)

I see the version there, but this isn't a patch, it's a full re-download of the entire thing... if that is the case, then you guys seriously need to implement an incremental patch system - STAT.

If you want incremental patching the only solution is to use GOG Galaxy. This entire DRM free system is managed entirely by GOG, there's unfortunately nothing we can do about it. I'll pass this on to them but I'm not even sure if that possible for them to implement as it's just a giant black box.

I'm really sorry that you have to go through the hassle of re-downloading, if you use GOG Galaxy then you can download the game and get incremental patches while still playing the game DRM free by closing GOG Galaxy when it is not in use.

I know this isn't optimal and we will have a look at alternatives, but currently this is the way it works.

I have upgraded the version and still have the same problem. Here is the updated log:  output_log.txt

Are you trying to load the same map file made in 1.6.2f2 or are you trying to create a new map?

New map.  I resolved the issue myself, but I am unsatisfied with the fix.  Apparently you guys hardcoded GOG Galaxy to be a requirement, NOT optional.  I do absolutely nothing online with gaming, and have no need or desire for bloatware/adware on my system.  This effectively eliminates (for me) and possibility of using map creation. I am seriously reconsidering my purchase even though I love the game otherwise.

The game should be playable 100% DRM free, at no point was any feature locked behind a DRM requirement. Where did you hear that this wasn't the case?

Internally we are able to use the DRM free version of the game to create maps, so I'm still unsure of what is causing the issue as your log isn't shining any light on whats wrong.

it's right here in the log (several times):

Galaxy.Api.GalaxyInstance+RuntimeError: Could not start GalaxyService
  at Galaxy.Api.GalaxyInstance.Init (System.String clientID, System.String clientSecret) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at DRMGOG.Init () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 

I didn't say it was a DRM requirement.  Look at the logs I posted.  It keeps failing on GOG Galaxy (which I only just installed to see if that made any difference).  GOG Galaxy is the problem - it is hard-coded into the game.

When in the menu we check to see if GOG is there periodically, it doesn't affect your ability to use the game and is not relevant unless GOG is open and the message is still appearing.

Could I get you to try and reinstall the game? It could be that the install you have is broken in someway. 

reinstall did not work (as expected)... procedure followed:

1. uninstall GOG Galaxy

2. reinstall WFTOGame

3. try map creation - FAIL

4. reinstall GOG Galaxy

5. retry map creation - SUCCESS

as I stated before.  your developers hard coded a GOG Galaxy requirement into the game and didn't tell you.

there is still DRM, it's just a DRM which does no calling home / activation / encryption... but it requires I install bloatware.

Since my last response we have found some issues with the DRM free version. First of all we revisited the workflow for map creation with myself and the developer that wrote it and found that there were no references to GOG Galaxy or Steam when creating a map. I have also taken a machine with a clean install of windows and the DRM free version of the game and found that I was able to create a map.

We have also found that some users have had massive issues with updating the game, this has been solved with the use of CCleaner, you can read more about that here: Issues loading save games in the GOG.com version (Even after Patch 1.6.2f3)

I would suggest that you follow the guide above and fully delete the game, run CCleaner, and then reinstall the game. There is no reason for you to have GOG Galaxy feel free to delete it, the game will run the same regardless.

If all of that doesn't work we will get our contacts at GOG involved to workout why the game is failing.

I'm sorry that this has been so painful, we all hope we can get this working for you.

This resolved it.  I installed the game, tested map creation, installed each DLC one at a time testing map creation each time, and could no longer duplicate the issue.  The issue (whatever it was) seems to be resolved in build F3.

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Great, glad to hear it, let us know if you have any other issues!

Also, if you would like to share maps in the DRM free version Upload and Share Content on the Foundry is the best place to do it.