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Gold Piles ignored by Workers, Pet Dungeon

Targ Collective 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13

In My Pet Dungeon, my workers are ignoring all gold piles once the Vault is full. That's fine and as it should be. Once the Vault inevitably re-empties they continue to ignore the gold piles. I'm not sure if this is on a spawn by spawn basis. In the tavern this is particularly noticable.

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One more thing. Check Avarice as a potential cause! It could be a conflated trigger from the Avarice ritual at point of Gold capacity. I haven't checked whether Avarice is responsible.

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Hey Targ,

Could I get a save file and output log from a match where this happened?

I don't know if I'll be able to reproduce, but I'll check to see if Avarice is a trigger.

I have a hunch the Gold Pile optimisation is linked to this. You can actually get the full benefit if that if you only check Gold Piles according to Vault capacity and internal ID, skipping if necessary to fit; that's what I'd have done. A lot of players use Worker Rallies on that stuff as a workaround, makes bugs like this hard to catch. I don't actually know if I have an affected save; I'll do some digging to see. If it is a problem maybe you'll find someone else affected. If it's any help, I'm using a low end system with slowdown on maps with large amounts of units. Which is a pain, as my own map is unplayable on my system

Wait. this could be linked. I was playing Ponygrasp and suddenly the map flooded with visible Worker Rallies. Including quite a few on the Hero Toolbox, for some reason. I think there are AI scripts for Rallies hidden from the player due to some AI Script/Human Player entanglement, because I know I didn't place those rallies! There were dozens of them! They became visible when I picked up the Worker Rally flag by mistake, clicked the All Units flag, placed a Worker Rally - it was still on that flag - then right clicked Worker Rally, right clicked on screen and then clicked All Units which picked up right at that point, if I remember right. I remember because I was upset by the 'sticky' rally flag alhough the last two steps might be wrong, but the rest I remember distinctly. (Maybe an 'AI Helper' placing hidden rallies is natural to the game? But I don't think that's it.)

This might be a Pet Dungeon only issue. I'm replaying Ponygrasp now - lost the last Baby Democorn, couldn't save it in time - so we'll see if I can reproduce.

Oh, one more thing, I have a tendency to go to menu and alt-tab oui when I have stuff to do rather than quit the game, to save on loading times. Let me know if that's known to trigger bugs okay?

Reproduced the above. Click Worker Rally, Rally All Minions, Right Click Worker Rally sets up a bunch of Worker Rally Flags. They have their own Right Click stack on the interface, separate from those you set up. Either internal AI for human players or out of place scripts intended for AI Player only use. Either way it's unintended bahaviour. First found on Ponygrasp.

Interestingly on the second and third reproduction the Rally Stacks share a right click with the maunally placed ones. So it looks like an indefinite effect. If these 'hidden rallies' are meant to have a different priority to manual ones this could mess that up.

Imps have a problem seeing jobs beyond a certain distance. If you were to pick the idle imps up and drop them in the tavern, they'd start collecting the gold.

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It is likely that the workers are not going to collect the gold because it is too far away from them. Small piles are also low priority for workers, so they will complete other tasks first.

I've not seen alt-tabbing cause any issue so you should be fine.

The worker rally issue is a known problem, it happens when you place a worker rally on the rally flag.

There may be an improvement to the way workers select tasks in a later patch.

The cause of this is that there are higher priority claim tasks available, which are threatened by the enemy.

Workers got these claim tasks assigned but decided to not go for it because they considered them as too dangerous.

Thus they ended up doing nothing.

We need to involve the threat avoidance already into the task search and can not block threatened tasks from being done afte task search. We will get this fixed for next Patch.

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