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Destroy enemy titan egg - Your summoning has been cancelled.

woudo 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13

As it says on the tin.

When you destroy an enemy Titan summoning stone, the message "Your summoning has been cancelled" will appear in the message log. Either there isn't a custom message for destroying an enemy summoning stone, or it's improperly flagged.

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Hey woudo,

Looks like we are just calling the wrong line, should be an easy fix

Thanks for reporting the issue woudo!

alert_voe_summon_titan_cancel = Your summoning has been cancelled.

We never got enemy or ally versions of this line. Stefan Furcht please disable this line for playing when enemy or ally summoning stones are cancelled.

Then please assign to Josh Bishop to see if we need to get these lines recorded in the future.

A short-term alternative could be to use the Titan-specific "vanquished" lines, e.g.
alert_unit_death_behemoth_enemy = An enemy's Behemoth has been vanquished!
(there is one for each Titan type)

I disabled it for enemy defences and assign it now to Josh.

Could we use the 'an enemy titan has been killed' lines? They should already be recorded.

Tim White just throw the keys at me and I can hook them up. Cheers

Hey Stefan Furcht, these are the keys to use, one for each Titan type:

alert_unit_death_behemoth_enemy = "An enemy's Behemoth has been vanquished!"

Can hook those up, but I will have to silence the case when it is an ally.

There are ally variants too:

alert_unit_death_behemoth_ally = "An ally's Behemoth has been slain."

Oh I will use the ally variants then as well

Alright all hooked up now.

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