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Create gigantic Vault performance issues

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 11

This has to do with the following treatment: Broken Load game

When creating a giant Vault by natural means (not through God mode), the frame rate drops to 3fps. I can observe how individual cells of the Vault are created (with a long delay).

In God mode, the Vault is created much faster (but also a little slower than I would like).
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On the saves of a neighboring topic, you can practice in creating large Vaults.

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Could you take a video of the issue? I am not seeing such a drastic drop in performance

You can see that the slowdown begin at the stage of choosing a place for construction.


Wow that is ridiculous, my first impression is that it has to do with the amount of vault tiles already placed. I would suggest leaving a small gap between the new and old vault when you build the 17x17 block and then fill it in once that is completed. This might help prevent the lag until we can push out a fix.

You're going for the more gold then god achievement?^^

Btw, Cian I can confirm it. As bigger the vault is, as bigger the performence drop will be, especially when you conect 2 big vaults.

For next patch the performance for building extremely large Vaults and Lairs will be way better, because parsing them can be avoided thanks to having only one (invisible) prop on each tile and nothing else.
We check for this case now and do no parsing work at all.
The performance for building other types of rooms will not be improved by this change.

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