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God Mode. Neutral Gold Shrine owner untranslated

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 19

When in God Mode place neutral Gold Shrine on the map. it's owner untranslated.

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Strange they should be translated like normal we will have a look into it

Hello Александр Петров,

I just tried it out but for me it translates it correctly.

My guess is, you are using a Russian community translation which accidently forgot to translate the key for "Neutral" and left it in English.
So the community translation actually provides this string to the game pretending it would be translated to russian language.

If so, please try to contact the translators and let them know that the translation key "common_words_neutral" is not translated to Russian language but contains the English translation.

There is nothing we can do about this on our end, because the community translations are owned by their creators.

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards

@Cian please have a look at UserEcho, looks like there is a faulty community translation used which does not translate the key for "Neutral".

I really use the community translation.
BUT!!! I just switched to the official unsupported Russian translation. And this field has not been translated!

Haha. The problem can be observed if you use God mode on Sanbox & Scenarios maps (not My Pet Dungeon).
I watched on the map "Hollow (Sandbox)".

What can I say, I just tested it as shown in the picture above and it got translated correctly.

You know that it is not enough to select the official unsupported translation, but you also need to deselect the community translation (select "None" as community translation)?
Otherwise the community translation will always have priority over the games original translation.
So if a translation key exists in the community translation, the game will never bother to retrieve the original.

If you have community translation unselected and official (unsupported) translation selected, is it still not translated for you?

In case it is, it means simply that the community translation contains the English word where it should have the Russian one.

Btw. the behaviour should be the same for any game mode.

In case you still get no translation after switching fully to official translation only, it could mean that the problem is with your GameText.csv file.
Maybe it got not correctly updated with a patch or somehow corrupted.
In this case I recommend to Verify Game Cache.

I just checked the cache.

With the Russian official translation (without specifying community translation) on the map "Hollow (Sandbox)" there is no translation of the neutral owner.

Skirmish maps also untranslated.

The translation is only present on My pet Dungeon maps.

> The translation is only present on My pet Dungeon maps.
I thought the translation IS NOT present in My Pet Dungeon mode (as well as in all other modes)?
However there shouldn't be differences between the game modes, if any then it could be specific maps which have no translation key set on the neutral faction.
Is it the same for all maps or not?

I wonder if we did any internal change on this matter since the last public patch was released,
but I am not aware about any.
But as you can see in the screenshot above, in our internal version the translation is applied correctly and so any community translation should be applied correctly as well.
I will have to double check this with collegues tomorrow, but no matter what, it seems to be fixed and working correctly in our internal version, so it should be fixed with next patch release if it doesn't work yet.

You have a screenshot from My Pet Dungeon mode. Try a sandbox map - for example, "Hollow (Sandbox)".

I totally misunderstood and thought you encountered the issue in My Pet Dungeon mode.
We found now that Skirmish  & Sandbox maps do not have the translation key set, because these maps are made differently than official campaign maps.

We will look into that now and try to find a fix.

We do now inject this translation key for the neutral faction when ever a skirmish, sandbox or map editor created map is loaded.
Thanks for finding out about this issue, it should be fixed in next patch.

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