Remember player selection for themes bugged

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 5 years ago 23 1 duplicate

1. Select Theme in My Pet Dungeon.

2. Start playing map.

3. Exit to Windows.

4. Start WFTO again.

5. When I choose My Pet Dungeon I see that theme is different what I selected in previous launch. What is displayed in the map selection menu.

6. I do not change anything in my choice and start playing map

7. I see that the dungeon theme is different from the one I saw in step 5 (maybe it corresponds to the one I chose in step 1, but I did not investigate this bug in detail).

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Hey Александр,

Do you remember what theme you selected and what theme it changed to?

It looks like many (maybe all) variants broken.

For example:

1. Phaestus theme & Bunny Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Empire theme and worker "same as theme" in menu. When I start game - it looks like Phaestus theme & Bunny Worker.

2. Evil Arcane theme & Blazing Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Phaesus theme and Blazing Worker in menu. When I start game - it looks like Evil Arcane theme & Blazing Worker.

3. Raskos theme & Aloha Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Raskos theme and worker "same as theme" in menu. When I start game - it looks like Raskos theme & Aloha Worker.

4. Arcane theme & Santa Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Random theme and Santa Worker. in menu. When I start game - it looks like Arcane theme & Santa Worker.

The list can be continued, but I think this should be enough.


That should definitely be enough to go on, thanks a lot

Hey Александр,

We are struggling to reproduce, is there anything else that you could have done in between?

I tried these steps but for me it always remembers it correctly.
Did you switch between Crucible and My Pet Dungeon mode?
Because those lobbies remember their settings separately.

Btw. the settings are stored locally on your computer, if you switch to a different device it would not remember your settings.

I always play on the same computer

And I not switch game mode.

I was able to repeat this bug just now.

I just recorded the video.

Now I will publish.

That seems odd indeed.
When I do exactly the same, the theme is correctly remembered after a game restart.
It is remembered in a local file "Options.txt"
Can you go to your Steam library, right click War for the Overwolrd.
Go Properties -> Local Files tab -> Browse Local Files
You are in the game install folder. Please go to "WFTOGame_Data\GameData" and find "Options.txt"
Open it in a text editor and find lines starting with
"MPDLobby Presets ThemeIndex"
"MPDLobby Presets WorkerThemeIndex"
What is the index number behind them?
0 - is for random theme, all other numbers represent themes.

I am curious if the numbers are correctly stored at all or if there is any other failure happening.

For Arcane theme & Bunny Worker. After I start game and exit to Windows.


MPD God Mode Enabled=False

MPD Mode Entered=True
MPDLobby Presets ThemeIndex=13
MPDLobby Presets ColourIndex=2
MPDLobby Presets WorkerThemeIndex=19

We are also about to release a Bugfix Patch tomorrow afternoon.
I only tested in the internal patched version, which wors fine.
Maybe the issue got fixed.
Please let us know how it goes once the Patch is out.

Oh your answer did overlap with mine, just saw it now.
For now I can just say that the numbers in the Options.txt file are correct, so at least they are stored correctly.
But we do not know yet why it fails to load them back properly omn your end.
Let's wait if it is fixed in the Patch. If not, we will need to look deeper.

Game version 1.6f12

Problem still exists.

That is really odd and I do not know how to reproduce this.
But we will take another look at where it could potentially fail for some users.
Thanks for the update.

If you notice, you have bad initialization of the GUI menu fields.

In the game has the correct theme and worker.

We tried multiple times but the issue does not occur on our end. No one can reproduce it, so we have to decline.