Remember player selection for themes bugged

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1. Select Theme in My Pet Dungeon.

2. Start playing map.

3. Exit to Windows.

4. Start WFTO again.

5. When I choose My Pet Dungeon I see that theme is different what I selected in previous launch. What is displayed in the map selection menu.

6. I do not change anything in my choice and start playing map

7. I see that the dungeon theme is different from the one I saw in step 5 (maybe it corresponds to the one I chose in step 1, but I did not investigate this bug in detail).

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DLC worker Themes not saved properly in My Pet Dungeon mode

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If you select one of the DLC worker Themes in my Pet Dungeon mode, this selection will not be properly saved after the next start of the Game.

This is a bit different for each worker theme, in detail this means the following:

Kasita, Kasita Silver, Bunny and Aloha Worker turns into "same as theme" while the preview pic for the worker changes also to "same as theme".

Santa Worker turns into Kasita Silver Worker, while the preview pic stays at Santa Worker

Jack o' Worker turns into Kasita Worker, while the preview pic stays at Jack o' Worker

If you select Kasita Silver Dungeon and Worker Theme, this selection will change to Random Dungeon Theme and same as theme Worker with also changed preview pics.

^ This is not true for Kasita Theme and Kasita Worker, while Kasita worker will still be shown as same as theme worker (including preview pic) as mentioned above.

Anyways, if you start a level without changing those settings, you will get the old settings you had, so if you for example select Kasita Silver Theme and Worker, you will get those after a restart, even if the UI description changed. This true for all the cases mentioned above.

You dont need to start a map before restarting the Game to replicate this bug, but it doesnt change anything if you do.

Changing Game mode after selecting a bugged worker theme will not affect this also.

Steps to Replicate:

1 - Start the Game

2 - Select My Pet Dungeon Mode

3 - Select one of the DLC worker Themes (no need to start a my pet dungeon level)

(3a - if you like to test start a different game mode)

4 - restart the Game

5 - check if the worker picture changed

6 - check if the worker selection in dropdown menu changed

(6a - if you selected kasita silver theme and worker also check dungeon theme slection)

7 - start a level

8 - see if the preselected worker themes are present, or if it changed to the incorrect theme



Side Note:

This one may or may not be related to this ticket:

As i tested those, i want to mention that player colors dont affect this. Also - beside the Kasita Silver Theme + Kasita Silver Worker selection - DLC Dungeon Themes are not affected as well.

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Hey Александр,

Do you remember what theme you selected and what theme it changed to?


It looks like many (maybe all) variants broken.

For example:

1. Phaestus theme & Bunny Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Empire theme and worker "same as theme" in menu. When I start game - it looks like Phaestus theme & Bunny Worker.

2. Evil Arcane theme & Blazing Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Phaesus theme and Blazing Worker in menu. When I start game - it looks like Evil Arcane theme & Blazing Worker.

3. Raskos theme & Aloha Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Raskos theme and worker "same as theme" in menu. When I start game - it looks like Raskos theme & Aloha Worker.

4. Arcane theme & Santa Worker. When next enter in game it looks as Random theme and Santa Worker. in menu. When I start game - it looks like Arcane theme & Santa Worker.

The list can be continued, but I think this should be enough.

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That should definitely be enough to go on, thanks a lot


Hey Александр,

We are struggling to reproduce, is there anything else that you could have done in between?

Stefan Furcht

I tried these steps but for me it always remembers it correctly.
Did you switch between Crucible and My Pet Dungeon mode?
Because those lobbies remember their settings separately.

Stefan Furcht

Btw. the settings are stored locally on your computer, if you switch to a different device it would not remember your settings.

Stefan Furcht
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Stefan Furcht
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I always play on the same computer


And I not switch game mode.

I was able to repeat this bug just now.