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Shrines disappear.

Electrolight 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 21 1 duplicate

While testing a map, the shrines and some room props disappeared from the map. Saving and restarting the game did not fix the issue. The rooms were fixed by selling and re-laying that room but there was no way to bring the shrines back. When the shrines disappeared, the frame rate dropped to what seemed like 1 frame ever few seconds. I had to kill WFTO with the task manager. This all happened with the latest version of WFTO 1.6.

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Jeeeeez this is an old bug to reappear. Wonder why now.

From my not very coder like review of your output log I can see a NullRef error being repeated multiple times which obviously caused the framedrop/slow down but i'm not sure what caused all the props to vanish. The coders will probably have more luck than me.

Could we get a link to that map Electrolight?

Do you have the same issue on other maps?

Nano Boucher It looks like this map did run out of network ids, but didn't you fix this now at least for single player?
I guess in MP this map would not be supported anyway but with your changes SP could do now?

  at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Component:GetComponentFastPath (System.Type,intptr)
  at UnityEngine.Component.GetComponent[NetworkView] () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at uLink.NetworkView.Get (UnityEngine.Component component) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at uLink.MonoBehaviour.get_networkView () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at Player.RecallSpellAction+RecallCasting..ctor (IUnitData atk, Single CastDuration, Player.RecallSpellAction view) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 
  at Player.RecallSpellAction.performServerLogic () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

As Cian mentioned I will need a link to the map to be able to investigate further

I have not published this map yet. I have ran into a bug that is preventing me from doing so. See my other bug report.

Pending Customer

Are you referring to the FOW locking bug? Would it be possible that you attach the map files just for the purposes of this bug report

If you can tell me where they are, I will upload them here.

You should find the map file in your WFTO steam cloud folder at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Your unique number)\230190\remote\YourMapName


Is CianA you on the Brightrock forums?

Yes that's my account over there.

What is the password for the archive?

Check your profile there.

Thanks Electrolight, in future please try to avoid passwording the archives as the ticket may get passed between multiple people who will need access to them.

I'm trying the maps now but they seem to load fine, was anything unusual happening while the maps loaded?

The map loads fine. When it happened, I was test my map, I was half-way through the spiral, I placed a colossus rally flag and a second later, the framerate tanked and the shrines disappeared.

I passworded the file because UserEcho does not have a PM system (that I can tell) or any way to make information private and since these posts are public, I didn't want someone to steal my map and publish it or whatever.

You should be able to mark the reply as "Author and Support agents" in future, that is essentially a PM to the entire support team.

I'll play through the map again but I'm unable to replicate so far, does this happen every time you play?

I have only tested my map 3 times or so and it only happened once. Since saving and restarting the game did not fix the problem, I had to start over.

How do you mark a reply as "Author and Support agents" only, I don't see any options for that?

Ah sorry, it seems that that is something only support agents can do.

Do you still have the broken save game?

Completed - Next Patch

Looks like you have managed to exceed the amount of ID's given by our 3rd party Network solution. The only thing I can suggest is to reduce the amount of units you have placed.

This will improve when we release some network improvements later this year

Completed - Resolved

The network code no longer runs in Single Player, you should no longer have this issue