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NRE Crash Freeze during Level 7

doubledgedboard 6 years ago updated by Andrew "Nutter" Jaggar 6 years ago 17

During Level 7, getting repeated freeze crash (game becomes unresponsive and I have to force close it).

Logs show NRE (Null Reference Exception). Loading from save file results in regular crashing but not at a specific point.

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Steam Public
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Can't edit my post? WTF? Great bug tracker...

Here's the crash log output_log.txt

Note I had been playing at 50% speed, tried switching back to 100% no change.

Also tried Verify Game Cache, Uninstall + Reinstall, and New Save Game. Still freezes.

Currently unable to progress past lvl7 due to this. Furthest I've gotten is ~150/180 killed, and then a freeze. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

Updated to latest nVidia drivers (with a DDU-cleaned uninstall first)... still freezes. Attached another output log. output_log.txt

Completed - Next Patch

Hey doubledgedboard,

Thanks for the comprehensive report, we've isolated the issue and it should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.

Hey thanks Cian,

What's your cycle time like? Should I expect it soon, or is there a proper place to watch for when hotfixes get released? I noticed you don't always post them on the announcements page.


Expect it tomorrow or Friday, we are adding the last few features

Great! Much thanks to you and the team!

Completed - Resolved

Hey Cian,

Just played Level 7 again with the latest update (assuming that this fix went out with whatever update I downloaded from Steam today...)

Still getting a freeze. Here's my output log. Don't see any NREs but there are a few suspect lines at the bottom.


I'm on a system with 6 physical cores (12 logical), 32gb ram, and an 8gb ram GTX1080, so I haven't suspected memory issues up to this point, but I will try this level again after turning all the settings down and see if that helps.

Sigh. Definitely not memory. Lowered to 'Low' texture resolution. Monitored memory usage with performance GUI. Sat at ~1100 MB out of 8000, and still froze.

Here's output log.


Hey Cian how do I just skip this level? I bought the game over 2 years ago, it's sat unplayed due to the lack of finish and content, and when I finally had time to pick it up again I'm now being held hostage in the campaign due to bugs. I can't keep waiting 2+ day patch cycle times just to know if I can get past the level. How do I bypass this?

Reopening this ticket as the customer's issue has not been resolved. Really wouldn't expect the kind of issue you're running into to be occuring on your PC and as far as I know this appears to be isolated to you so far.

Unfortunately as we're now hitting the weekend It's unlikely that we'll be able to look into this further until next week. Of course I absolutely realise that you want to progress past this level and get on with the game so I'm going to email you further instructions so we can get you back into the campaign ASAP!

Used workaround provided by Lee. It unlocked ALL campaign levels, and I only wanted to unlock the one I was stuck on, so I reset my progress and ended up playing through all of them again. I figured I would try and just use a gold cheat or something on level 7 and hope that I could beat it before it freezes.

Ended up not using any cheat \ debug, and strangely, it did not freeze this time. Not sure what the difference was... wondering if something in the campaign progress was persisting the problem, and once cleared, resolved? Not sure.

That is incredibly strange, keep us posted on any further issues you may have

Just finished the Heart of Gold campaign, after finishing the original. Not a single freeze since I reset the campaign and played through it again. I still suspect it's a repeatable issue on Level 7, but must require some conditions that I was unable to repro after reset.

Thus, I believe you can close this again. Thanks for the help and the great game.