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Witch Doctor attacks the target, which is closed earth

Галиев Рустем 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 11

Windows 10 64 bit, 8 Gm RAM, Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4500 CPU1.80 GHz 2.40GHz GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M265, Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. Version game fresh, 1.5.2f4

It happens, but usually the goal does not cause damage. This time, the witch doctor destroyed (attacking diagonally) the sentinel sarcophagus.

Youtube video

Save: _20170322133535.zip

War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt


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Did you dig out any of the tiles around the sentinal.

I do not understand, this sentence? Or the question? But there is no sign "?"

In this area diagonally was posted sentinels and earth tiles (as in chess - white and black cells).

No, tiles around the sarcophagus were no excavated, but the tiles of the empire were seized (formerly there were other sarcophagi sentinels).


Due to slight gap between dirt and reinforced tile

I had a game where Bafu and in other game Archon tried to attack a rampart with bombard behind the corner - they were floating a little closer to trap than Witchdoctor is standing in this video, but still they were dealing no damage to the trap. Could it be the same issue?

I loaded this save game and what ever happened was over already.

So I spawned like hundreds of Witch Doctors near the sentinels but none would attack any of them.

So we really do not know how to reproduce this issue or if it is even still a problem.

If anyone could manage to make a save game while this happens, so we can load it and debug it, this would be extremely helpful.

But so far we we can't fix what we can't reproduce.

Well, maybe already there is no problem, I suggest closing the topic.

Completed - Resolved

It might be one of the issues which just got fixed at some point and this is why we keep failing to reproduce it anymore.

I am closing this ticket, but let us know if anzthing like this happens again.


Completed - Resolved