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Level13 bugged rotated camera

Александр Петров 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 13

I make save while I attack Empire Fortess. Seconds after barrier was restored.

When I reload my save camera was rotated and rotated. That's unplayable.

I can give you my savegame (but i don't know where it placed)

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Hey Александр Петров


Thanks for the report, this is a complete oversight by us. Saving during cutscenes can cause a whole host of issues, we should lock input during those sequences.

I saved for a few seconds before the cutscene, not during it.

In that case we may extend the input lock to a few seconds before the cutscene

Stefan Furcht Can we grey out / disable the save button in pause menu when input is locked ?

Disabled savegame button looks more "user friendly" than the total block input.

In one of the missions during the final battle input is locked. It's a bit frustrating, because I would like to be healing minions during the battle.

Nano Boucher of course we could do that but it would be easier to disable the entire pause menu.

Nano Boucher OK I did the grey out (disable) solution.

Nano Boucher The Pause Menu itself "locks input" and thus disables it every time .

Alright got it skipping in this case, so it should work this way.

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