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missing Archon_Archon_Hunger_name

policeofficer110 4 שנים ago עודכן על ידי Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 4 שנים ago 6

missing Archon_Archon_Hunger_name and description.

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Thank you.

שביעות רצון על ידי policeofficer110 4 שנים ago

Behemoth and Colossus. They have similar problems as well.


Thanks for finding those! :)

Completed - Next Patch

The keys on those units are either wrong or missing, I replaced them with the correct keys now and created missing keys:

Archon (wrong key name):
- Archon_Archon_Vampirism_name
- Archon_Archon_Vampirism_description

Behemoth (key was missing entirely):
- Behemoth_Behemoth_Recuperation_name
- Behemoth_Behemoth_Recuperation_description

Colossus (wrong key name):
- Colossus_Colossus_KOGold_name
- Colossus_Colossus_KOGold_description

Colossus (key was missing entirely):
- Colossus_Colossus_Campaign_Buff_name
- Colossus_Colossus_Campaign_Buff_description

This will be sorted next Patch