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Multiplayer custom map loading crash on 2+ players

Hi there!

1. I make a map in editor or download it from steam workshop.
2. Create a multiplayer game (local lan) and invite my wife.
3. Ready and play > loading bar goes to the full.
4. I enter game but wife gets a crash.
5. She reloads game and we repeat 1,2,3
6. Bar loads and we play no problem.
7. Sharing the map is successful as she has it in her steam profile afterwards.
8. Happens with every map we tried.

Skirmish has no problems.

I believe is a map sharing issue on first try, the game does not finish the whole transition or starts the map when is incomplete (wild guess).

Game Version:
Steam Public

It was over before I knew it :D

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Hey Carlos,
please provide your both output_logs if you didn't restart the game yet.
Otherwiese please try to trigger the issue again, quit the game and upload your both logs (but especially the one which crashed, please inlcude the full crash log).

Here is how:

This helps us to see if any errors or warnings occured while this happens, which often makes it much easier to track an issue down.


llright replicating the issue!

We had two outcomes today. THE joy...
Using a random map from workshop that we do not have yet.

1.Downloading on me as a host.
2.Creating LAN game for 2.
3.Loading map.
4.Outcome 1 - Host loads slowly (sound starts but loading screen stuck for 20 seconds more than normal), player2 had this window poping up on halt but did not crash completely to windows, just to the main menu, host loaded the map even without other player.

5. Outcome 2 - different map, same as before only with player2 crashing after presing enter.
6. Files i found on the game for you guys at player2 pc:

a. War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt
b. niagara_76561198078667755.meta
c.no timestamped file for crash unfortunately on whole WFTO folder

7. On second try like always it loads fast and without a problem. Cheers!


Thanks for the additional information, we like to take a look, but the provided information is incomplete.

1) Can you please add the output_log from the play session when the problem occurred?
The launcher log you uploaded is not helpful on this subject.

2) Can you uploade the map file as well?
Maps and save games in WFTO do always consist of two files: a meata file and a data file.
Only if you attach both, we can load them in the office.


That said, it looks like an issue we fixed yesterday internally. I'm confident enough to set it to done = ) Thanks for the report Carlos

Np glad to help :) If i see a pesky bug somewhere I shall shoot it to the report no problems :)