Mission 7: Final objective doesn't complete after beating the priestesses

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I have defeated all the waves of dwarves, Rhaskos' core is at 5000/25000 and has taken zero damage, and every single dwarf is wiped off the map.

I captured and converted the boss dwarf, and captured and converted three out of four priestesses.

I've beat the level once before so I know the event is supposed to trigger and spawn the hand of kira, but it never does. Not sure what happened differently this time, the level is easy enough to complete.

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campagne lvl 7

bonjour, je viens de terminer le niveau 7 de la campagne mais impossible de mettre fin a la campagne et pourtant j'ai tout visiter, tout tué etc

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Lee "Noontide" Moon

We're aware a few people have been suffering from this issue. We've been investigating it for a few days but so far have not been able to replicate ourselves.

If possible could you include an output log from the session and a save file from before the end event is intended to occur.

Since our previous attempt to fix the issue it should be possible to proceed by saving the game after the end event is meant to occur and then loading that same save.

Steven Trigg

I'm also having this issue. I've played this level through twice and can't finish it. I did get a crash on an earlier level but probably not related. I had built all the different rooms and took each enemy room one by one before taking the center. I let my imps convert the room until the large door was removed then killed the priestesses. At this point it would just let me play on, torture the prisioners etc.

[Dev] Nanorock

Hello Steven, sorry to hear you also get the issue. We have hard time replicating the problem. Did your units killed the door next to the priestess ?
For now you can save and simply load. If the door is missing the level will end =)


I did a full playthrough from start to end with no breaks, built the basic rooms, etc. and did the objective and nothing happened.

The last line of dialog I got was about holding the door. The save/reload worked.

Lee "Noontide" Moon

This is so peculiar, after dozens of attempts we're none the wiser as to how to replicate the issue.

Logically you must all do something similar if the mission fails in the same way but not for us. There must be some connection that we're just not seeing yet.

It's very important if you suffer from this to include as much details as you can, Output logs from your session whee this occured if you still have them, your system specs and if you can get it a save from before the door is broken but ideally later on if possible.

Screenshots or descriptions of how you progressed through the level are always welcome or if you've managed to do this twice perhaps a third time with a similar strategy recorded, described or just saved and chucked through to us.

Here's a few questions as well which might help point us in a direction:

  1. What rooms were present in your dungeon?
  2. What Defences did you use?
  3. What spells did you use?
  4. Did you use any rituals?
  5. Did you use any potions?
  6. What aspects did you unlock from the Veins of Evil
  7. How did you defend against the Empire Forces
  8. What did you do with fallen Empire units
  9. After the Empire attack ended how did you proceed to attack their base?
  10. What did you do when you came to the final room?
[Dev] Nanorock

How did you break the final door is my main question, and if you restarted / loaded a save game is very important

Stefan Furcht
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Steven Trigg

Third time lucky, I loaded a previous save game from that level. I attacked from the center only and had my minions break down the large door and attack the priestesses and the level ended. In previous attempts my imps removed the door by converting the adjacent tiles. Maybe that's what causes the bug?