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Can't capture tile (Arcane Prison)

Emil Hemdal 7 years ago updated by [Dev] Nanorock (Programmer) 7 years ago 14

See savegame and player log.

Savegame: arcane_prison-uncapturable_tile.tar.xz


Game Version:
Steam Public

Did you try to rally minions on the tile? Workers don't claim tiles with an hidden Blate Lotus.
When units walk on such tile the Blate Lotus pops out and can be destroyed.

There were no hidden Blade Lotus. The workers actually stand on it attempting to capture it but are disturbed and can't capture it for some reason even though there is no enemy nearby.

Ok we will have to look at the save game then.
Thanks for providing it.

Hrm this is very strange, the tile is unclaimed but still owned by the empire.
This is something which can not happen due to normal game mechanics, so there must have been any error directly when the tile was unclaimed, so that it changed the template but not the owner (invalid state).

I have seen there was a Portcullis on this tile before while looking at the original map.
So I guess you destroyed it and unclaimed the tile by workers?
Right this moment something must have broke.
I studied your log but didn't found an related issue there.
Was the log from the same play session where the tile was unclaimed? Or did you save and load afterwards?

Not sure. I think I must have saved and loaded it to check if the issue persisted after the load.

Arrrg, this log when it was actually unclaimed would now help to figure how this tile broke.
I guess you won't play this map again but it would be interesting if it does reproduce.
But I think it may not, at least I remember I played this map my self a longer while ago and I didn't run into this problem.

I remember we had that issue when we first published the Map as official Map into the Game.

I thought it was fixed, but it seems it still happens rarely...

I just ran into the same issue. Tile where enemy defense was located is unclaimable.


i will accept the issue then

I introduced a fix on loading, so next public update, you'll be able to load your save and it should work. I also added a safe check so such thing shouldn't happen anymore =)