Crash on the final level when approaching the final boss

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There are actually two bugs.

1. The script frozen after I killed the final boss. The narrator said something and told me to return

my realm. Then everything stopped.

Then, I closed the game and reopen.

2. After I loaded the saved game (just right before I killed the boss), I ordered all minions to march to the boss. Then, game crashed within one minute.


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Stefan Furcht
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Hello Horatio,
unfortunately Unity3d (our game engine) failed to log the trance of your crash.

"RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk.<Missing stacktrace information>"

Which is a bummer, since it does not give any pointer what was causing it.

Would you mind uploading your output_log again when you get such crash again?
So we can see hopefully next time what happened.

From experience there are two main causes of crashes:
- Wireless headphones not set to default device and stereo
- AVG Antivirus seeing a false positive in the game (which requires an exception for WFTOGame.exe then)
More can be found here:

Thank you

Lee "Noontide" Moon
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Stefan Furcht

We fixed some errors which occured for others in this level, which could have had an impact on this problem and pushed an hotfix live.
Maybe it is already fixed by now?


In f12, I no longer saw the crash or freeze, but I saw another issue.

In my saved game, the drawbridge is down, but I still can't pass the bridage.

It feels like there is an invisible wall that blocks me.

Please see the attached screenshot. 2016-12-18 (2).png

By the way, the emperor repeats the sentence on the screen multiple times.

Stefan Furcht
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Hey Horatio,
It is actually easier to us to track one issue per ticket and this one is now fixed.
I hope you have still your output_log from the session this drawbrigde issue occured.
(It gets overwritten each time you start the game)
Would you mind making a new ticket for this problem with attaching your log.
This would help, Cheers.