Crucible glitches and oversights

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Operating System

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i7 4800MQ @ 2.70GHz 64 °C
Haswell 22nm Technology
32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
Alienware 041W46 (U3E1)
Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)
Intel (Dell)
3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M (Dell) 49 °C
ForceWare version: 372.70
SLI Disabled
698GB WDC WD7500BPKX- SCSI Disk Device (RAID)
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio

I have played the crucible mode three times so far, but each time I have encountered a few number of glitches and, what I believe to be, oversights.

1 - Ghouls attack the gateways.

I reported this earlier, so I am not sure if it has been fixed. However, if you kill the necromancer early on, the ghouls go into 'berserk' mode and attack everything nearby. This includes the gateways.

2 - Artefacts and gold cannot always be obtained.

If the enemies are killed on the gateway tiles, which is how I was killing them, gold statues from a monolith are inaccessible. More importantly, if a boss is killed on those tiles, the artefacts are out of play for the rest of the game. This caused me to be severely weakened before I realised what was happening.

3 - Bosses are killed by apocalpyse.

I have a feeling that I read somewhere that bosses were not meant to be killed instantly by this lifeline, though I may have been mistaken. In any event, though it makes it much easier, I am not sure if apocalpyse should truly be able to kill bosses.

4 - Respite does Nothing.

Sure, the timer goes up, but the enemies will spawn when it was scheduled initially. This means that the lifeline is currently useless.

5 - Which goldstone is under attack?
Though it is helpful to be notified that a goldstone is under attack and has been destroyed, it would be helpful if the player was notified which goldstone needed to be defended, either through the map or through a message. Perhaps goldstones could even be numbered.

6 - Gateway limit is bugged.

I attempted to use vampires, but this turned out to be a mistake. When I sacrified gnarlings, I found that they would not respawn because the game deemed the creature limit to have still been reached. This meant that minions would not respawn at all, even minions which had not been sacrified. I remember building an arena and never received a beastmaster because of it. When I lost my vampires, they did not respawn either. I really do not understand this, because I had very few minions at the time.

7 - Minions are incredibly weak.

Perhaps this was intended. However, I have found that whenever the enemies have breached my defences, I may as well not bother sending my minions into the fight because they deal minimal damage and are killed very quickly. Not even titans last overly long.

8 - Earthquakes for no apparent reason.

In a previous game, the earthquake message constantly played. For instance, if a goldstone was Partially covered with replace earth, and two lanes were kept open which were walled off with doors, this would trigger the speech. If replacement earth was used on a lane which I, myself, had opened, the speech also played. Yet, as far as I am aware, no earthquake actually occurred. It is possible that this has been fixed, though I am not sure.

9 - Disappearing torture chamber victims.

This was something I encountered on my first game but did not use since due to this glitch. A friend told me that he had experienced this glitch as well. Effectively, it is possible to capture many of the enemies in the prison and use them in the torture chamber (even though some of them do not fit too well and actually float in the air). Some of the enemies shall be converted, but for a majority of the time, the enemies simply disappear.

10 - Unit pathfinding.

Though I have heard of this problem before, I had never experienced it until crucible mode. Effectively, even when you build lairs, slaughterpens, and taverns, minions still complain about not having a lair or being able to go to sleep. I have to physically drop them in a lair, even if they are nearby. Even then, they do not always build a bed. One vampire even seemed to fall over when I dropped it rather than build a bed. Minions complaining about being, 'held for too long', even though I had only picked them up just for a moment, was another issue. This may have been fixed somewhat, but I still encountered it to a lesser degree in my last game.

11 - Gold value too low.

The gold received for killing bosses quickly, and for skipping time for waves, is, in my eyes, far too low. It makes much more sense to spend that time acquiring more gold from the goldstones and building defences/training minions. In fact, gold is not even that much of a worry in crucible mode, until you end up using lifelines too often. I would suggest a much more substantial reward.

12 - Gateways and numbering.

This is another suggested oversight. Out of the three games I have played so far, I do not really understand why the enemies spawn from gateway Two first, and not from gateway One. It would also be nice if players were notified which gateway was going to be used in the next wave, perhaps by a faint glow or a UI interface.

All of the above bugs (save for one, eight and nine) were encountered in the below output log. If it is alright, I shall post new bugs on here whenever I encounter them, rather than creating a separate ticket.


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Steam Public

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Stefan Furcht
  • Under Review

Hey Webbernever1,
thanks for your report (ps. I love your creative workshop maps ;).
But for the future, please create separate reports for each unique issue.
The reason is that it makes the internal management of bug reports much simpler.
Each issue can fall into responsibility of a different person and with separate tickets, issues can be assigned to different persons and resolved at different times.

Now we will see how we convert this one into internal tickets.
But thanks for reporting bugs and participating int the community anyway :)

Stefan Furcht
  • Accepted

Ah, okay, apologies, I shall create separate tickets in the future. I just thought that they may be somewhat linked.

Glad to hear that you like my maps, it always means a lot to hear that. I should probably start looking at integrating the new map editor mechanics.

[Dev] Nanorock

There is indeed quite a lot of differents bugs in here = )
1) Ghouls going feral when their necro die ss intended behavior. However attacking the gateways ? In crucible the gateways don't have the fight module. Maybe a unit too close to the portal made it look like they were attacking the portal/gateway

2) We fixed yesterday the artefact, not for gold however. They fall on a non owned territory. That's some design discussion. But atm you can use the AureateMonolith active ability to collect the gold piles.

3) Apocalypse does kill everything on the <70 waves. I guess it's a balance/design/writing issue

4) There was a bug on respite when used during Set wait, it was fixed a day or two ago = )

5) On the top right, the goldstones will glow and you can click on them. But we could add a map ping too you are right

6) That's for you Stefan ;)

7) Intended, you are supposed to die anyway isn't it ; ) And lasting 2h is already incredibly long ^^

8) I overlooked that, I heard it too but never acted upon it. I just fixed it after reading your comment though. So next patch ^^
9) I never encountered it, so I'd love a replicate steps ^^'. I'll fix the flying unit on the racks though

10) It was a misleading VO notification, Stefan fixed it a day or two ago = )

11) Gold value is quite high in fact. The "last stand" (Letting mass unit destroy your goldstone and pack at your dungeon core) requires millions of gold. For highscores, apocalypse end up costing you 800k+ gold ;)

12) Our first and only map, during most of the development time, had the middle lane on the north and was spawning first. The decision to add a number for feedback happened late. we still have an announcement during setup time though, that tells which lane will spawn and when.


Ah, it is nice to hear that most of these have been fixed already, I shall look forward to the patch. Thanks for the quick responses.

Regarding 1) - You are probably right. What led me to think that the ghouls were attacking the gateway was that three of them, in a line but with about a ghoul and a half distance between each, were all pointing towards it and attacking. I shall see if I can replicate it and get a screenshot of it.

Regarding 9) - Unless my game was bugged, it was simply a case of trying to convert the enemy units. I shall see if I can replicate it and provide the steps.

Regarding 12) - I noticed the announcements, but just thought it would be more logical to renumber the gateways so that wave 1 = gateway 1. It also makes sense that gateway 1 is the most important gateway. What I really meant was for later waves too. For instance, sometimes only two gateways are used for spawning enemies, so I would be able to prioritise my fortifications acccordingly. The announcements are, admittedly, difficult to read and remember when I am in the middle of, say, building a room.

Stefan Furcht

For point 6) are you sure you did not had maxed out again meanwhile or you converted many prisoners (which also occupy population)?


Last time, I did not use the torture chamber at all because of point 9). I was also using aureate monoliths, so most of the enemies were turned into gold anyway. My rooms were also small, I had Very few minions. But the minions simply were not coming back. I had around 15 minions in total, I think, and it told me that the gateway was at 100%.

Stefan Furcht

I tested this now ages long with killing units in multiple ways and waiting for respawn by looking carefully at all values and it seems to behave all as intented.
What you should know though:
- Prisoners count to your population until used (when converted they keep counting to your population)
- Sacrificing an alive minion for Vampire, Crypt, Torture or Tavern spitroast delays the respawn of same kind for one minute
- Throwing a minion back into the gateway does even lower the spawnrate of same kind over multiple minutes while it gradually recovers (get back to normal speed) over this time and this does stack to some extent if multiple are thrown away
The spawn rate is a wait time before trying again to spawn "the most suitable unit".
If you lose your entire army in this time it will still have to wait for next spawn attempt before it spawns again more frequent.
eg. if you have an army of 100 population with 2 gateways the wait time is almost 2 minutes.
If you lose all your minions briefly after last spawn it will take almost 2 minutes before units respawn.

These are my guesses why it did feel like not working as intented.
But I was unable to find any bugs.
Let me know if one of the points I mentioned might have applied to you or if you still think there must be a bug.


Well, I shall try a game later today or tomorrow and see if it happens again. All I know is that I was at the population cap Very early.

My prison was small, it could probably hold eight enemies at most. My overall population was probably fifteen at most. I sacrified gnarlings for vampires. However, even though the game lasted over the hour mark, I do not recall seeing another gnarling spawn. I think my rooms were:

Archive 5x5 (four cultists).

Foundry (seven chunders I think).

Alchemy lab 7x3 (two crackpots).

Barracks 7x5 (six gnarlings, later built an extra prop which attracted a new gnarling).

Garrison 3 3x3 (two augres).

Beast den was large but was built late in the game.

I had four vampires.

I think I had as many as three prisoners.

A large portion of the map was a vault.

Other than that, I am pretty sure that that was all I had. I did build a arena, but I Never received a beastmaster. As I said, my prison was also small.

I used the same map as seen in this ticket I wrote:

As you can see, there is not exactly a lot of room to build in any case. The left side was almost entirely a vault. The right side was almost entirely a beast den. The top had a sanctuary, arena, and a small prison. What I am trying to say is that I am not sure if there is even enough room to build enough rooms to hit the population cap anyway. Especially if a vault/beast den is going to be used.

I actually have a feeling that using the aureate monolith may have done it. Effectively, all three gateways were surrounded by many, many golden statues. I sometimes threw a few of my minions into the battles to help fight off the enemies. I am wondering if when my minions were killed and subsequently turned into gold, maybe the population was not reduced because the statues were on the gateway (unclaimable) ground, and hence still in play, technically. Just a suggestion. As I say, I shall have a go at testing it again.

[Dev] Nanorock

Just a small comment to remind that AureateMonolith turn even your units into Gold statue. Just sayin' because I ended up once wondering why I had so few units ^^