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Argument out of range at start

BlackBeard San 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 19

after the last hotfix during game startup I get the following error during the loading screen

"Argument out of range"


War for the Overworld Launcher Log.txt

Game Version:
Steam Public
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the error is caused by the translation file located in this folder
X: \ Program Files (x86) \ steamapps \ common \ War For The Overworld \ WFTOGame_Data \ Translation \ Community

if I remove the file and endorse the translation of Steam workshop works correctly :)


So it happens if you have the original translation file in Community folder while also subscribed to the workshop for the same file?

exactly. to access the game i have to move/delete the translation files
D: \ Program Files (x86) \ steamapps \ common \ War For The Overworld \ WFTOGame_Data \ Translation \ Community

in this way the translation of the workshop working properly. if i resubmit the file... error reappears



Hey BlackBeard,
thanks for pointing this out, we will have a look at this one soon.
Hopfully soon all community translation work functions without such odd friction.

Thanks a lot for your affords on Italian translation!
Cheers and Greetings
- Stefan

Completed - Resolved

The issue should be resolved in next hotfix.

I am glad to have been of help!

Ok now it work correctly,

but if you leave the files in the community folder, when You start the game you will see the standard translation, and you have to change it manually every time.

P.S. In this way, however, you will see two translation files, one work correctly and the other does not work (the one in the community folder does not work)

Yesterday you just did a quickfix for your specifc problem.
Meanwhile we took some time to improve the feature and with next hotfix hopefully all works as intented.
If not please keep us spammed with reports :)

false alarm... is working properly ^^"

ty man <3

Man, a big problem.

Now I can't update the file on the workshop ..>.>

creates a new translation file T_T

any suggestions?

> creates a new translation file T_T
What does it mean can you explain very exact what does not work as intented?

I solved the problem, I had copied another translation files. XD

this is the problem now :

When I update the translation of steam workshop, there are no new release notes, the download of workshop does not appear (no update)..the script in game updates successfully.

Thanks for your patience ^^"

If you update your workshop item, subscribers will get the update. But if you test locally, you have to restart Steam ; )

No worries, we love people doing things to improve the game ;)

I asked my mate Nano about this and he said:
"The meta (the first line), contains the workshop ID, allowing someone to update his workshop item

If somehow for some reason he lose the first line, or it gets a different ID. It won't upload to the same workshop item

Now, if such thing happen, one can always subscribe to the item, and grab the ID from the download file"

So this line the game puts on the top contains all meta information to refer to the same workshop.
If you remove it, it will result in a new workshop. So better leave it as it is, or you need to manually reenter this line to get it connected to your workshop.

Does this answer your question?

ok, the 'ID (the first line) was different ..

Now I signed the translation and copied the ID of the workshop on the updated files.

let's see what happens>.>

Well this should actually work.
The frist two are the id and the version number afaik.
Make sure the version number is increased to make sure it will be recognized as changed.
When you keep the first line and just update the keys below, then all happens automatically each time you publish.



Glad to hear BlackBeard! :)