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Memory issues during save / load

elicn 6 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 13

HI there,

I played the last episode of the HoG campaign only to find it crashing due to low memory. The crashes, which I have never experienced before with the very same hardware setup, occur usually at the time of save or load game. For some reason, Steam crashes as well and need to be restarted. Every crash was preceded by a system message saying WFTOGame.exe taking too much memory.

Save Crashes

First time it happened when I saved a game on a free slot. The game crashed when I clicked the "Continue" button just after the saving process was complete. Unfortunately, the save file was not created - so I lost my progress.

Once it happened, I restarted the level and saved the game more frequently, overwriting the previous save every time. One of these times the game crashed leaving me with no save file... It happened a few times again later on - the game crashed due to low memory when saving.

Load Crashes

Loading a save fame of a heavily crowded dungeon, results in a "Low memory" message from Windows and a crash. Usually it happens when the loading bar is full and you can hear the game sounds.

I attached the log file of the recent crash; unfortunately the saved game disappeared so I could not attach it (funny, it crashed when I wanted to save the game to report another bug :) )


Game version: 1.4.3f5 on Windows 10

Spec: Intel Core i7-2600K, 8 GiB of RAM, GTX 570


  • No program was running while playing, except the Steam client
  • Game's cache was verified like it says in the FAQ, but it found to be OK
Game Version:
Steam Public
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Hi Elicn, sorry to hear you're having issues with the game.

I took a quick look at your output log, and I saw a lot of repeated null reference errors, i'm no expert as i'm not one of the coders, but I think it's possible that those errors were repeating infinitely using up all the available memory until your system ran out causing the crash. As the data is being uploaded to the Steam cloud that would probably explain why it crashed as well.

Saving and Loading data is one of the most resource intensive parts of the game but with 8gb of RAM I wouldn't expect it to be running out of memory whilst saving under normal circumstances. IN this case it seems like the saving process is failing midsave, leaving you with an only partially saved (and therefore corrupted) savefile which the game is then unable to load properly.

Had you claimed a lot of the map and recruited quite a large army? that could be a factor as obviously that means there is more data to save and HoG4 is quite a large level.

In the mean time i'll pass this report through to the code team to take a look at and hopefully they'll have a better idea than I do what's causing your issue.

Thanks for the report.

Yes; in fact the dungeon was fully claimed and was quite crowded with friendly units.

It's possible that could have contributed to the situation then, but we'll know better once one of the coders takes a look at your log.

I cannot find the root of the issue with the log and the description. Despite having a look. But my wild guess is that your game files might be slightly corrupted, because I see a bunch of error that shouldn't happen and are relying on pure and simple data :^/

So maybe try to validate/reinstall the game.

Steam updates can, rarely, corrupt the local files I'm afraid

We also found a memory leak in current Unity version which doesn't free memory of a scene after it is unloaded.
So when you play many levels in a row it can eat your entire memory.
The issue is fixed in Unity 5.5 but it is still in Beta and we don't want to update before it is through all quality assurance.


Closed due to lack of customer reply

I don't understand what kind of reply you want me to provide.. You guys said it will be fixed, so I'll take your word for it.

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Hey elicn,

I'm incredibly sorry, it seems that you got caught up in a recent ticket purge, I've reopened this ticket.

Do you still experience this issue in the latest build of the game?

I know that you mentioned that the save game disappears after the crash, but would it be possible for you to send us a save on that level of the campaign. It doesn't necessarily have to be from after the game crashes.

Again sorry for any inconvenience caused by the accidental closure of the ticket.

Completed - Resolved

Should be fixed in latest version

I know this response says it was fixed in latest version. Dont think I understand exactly what that means? 

I am having this exact same issue. With HoG last campaign, most of the map claimed. 

How does one sort this crashing during save please? It is extremely frustrating and I can't find a solution. 

Pending Customer

Hey Robz0102,

"Fixed in latest version" means that an update that came out about that time corrected this issue. 

If you are still experiencing this issue then please post a log from a session where you attempted to save and experienced a crash.

Posting Output Logs

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Declined, no response.

We will reopen the ticket wf we get a response