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faulty health/level showing behavior

simeonw 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 9

well as i expirienced it, it doesn NOT always show health on damaged minnions nor defence structures. (the more minnions i have the less predictable is the behavior of health/level showing) Is it only me, haveing this problem?

an other (more flexible) solution then the "Always On" Setting would be:

A keybinding to e.g. [CTRL] as long as this key is pressed, all health/lvl symbols are shown and as soon as it is released the standard behavior is active.

greetings Simi

while trying out something i watched exactly the behavior :

1. a single minnion attacks an enemy defence part

2. as soon as it gets hit and damaged, the healthbar shows properly

3. during the fight i keep healing and the health bar shows all the time

4. to the end of the fight a 2nd minnion joins

5. the 2nd minnion doesnt get hurt, so no health bar showed ... so far so good

6. both minnion attack now a 2nd defence part (both minnions at full health and healthbar of the first minnion is still showed)

7. the whole fight vs the 2nd defence part is the health bar of the first minnion showed, but in this fight the 2nd minnion recieves the damage and the 1st doesnt get hurt. but only the (fulll) healthbar of the first minnion is showed and not the one of the 2nd.

8. i just randomly throu in heals to keep the 2nd minnion alive (without knowing of its actual health status)

and an other situation:

1. Message "your minnions are beeing attacked"

2. i press the icon to the right side

3. camera pans to the fight

4. i see the fight but no health / levels of my minnions are showed

5. stays like this until my minnion or enemy dies

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Steam Public

ooh and btw it doesnt work like in the following video. (instantly showing me the lvl/hp Tag when hovering over the creature with the mouse)

Hey sorry for the need of the second ticket,
but I got the other one handed over with "Can we implement an Always On option and then this ticket is good".
So I didn't look too deep in the report text and finished it as improvement.

But as you pointed out, the default behaviour for shield showing is not always working as intended,
and if it gets fixed properly things like an "Always On" or a toggle key are much less needed.
However I will ask if we can do that toggle as well.

The code handling the shields is quite old and messy while also complex, so it will need to be rewritten and might take a while to refactor it properly.

Thanks for pointing this issue out.

I second the keybinding alternative to show all health bars. Also the "always on" option would be good too.
We can't enjoy playing with my friend cause when we fight it's just a huge mess. Sometimes I dont even know who's winning and whats going on.

We are reworking the auto show function as it was horribly broken as I realized now,
we did wipe it out and replaced it with something that works.
So it should make more sense when shields show and disappear in next patch.
For the key kombo I have yet to ask, but if we do it, it will likely not be ctrl since it is a modifier for other keys.

Stay tuned :)


It's improved for next patch and the default key combo will be [Shift] + [S], which does cycle between the three options.