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Game locked up after Colossus' death

Devi 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 10 1 duplicate
  • Windows 8 64bit
  • i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz, ASUS R7 265, 12 GB RAM
  • Build 1.4.3f4

Hi. After stupidly getting my Colossus killed in the last (I think?) Heart of Gold mission, game half-froze on me - units were stuck in one spot doing their walk animation, nothing worked except for that and sound, and pressing esc made everything except for UI go black. I had to ctrl-alt-del the game. Not sure if my savegame is affected somehow, yet, or if it was just a random one-time bug. I experienced some minor bugs in this game but nothing as bad as this.



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Awesome. Thanks for the swift responses, guys.

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Hey Devi,
Unfortunately your output_log does not contain any harmful failure which could cause this, so we are yet unsure what happened there for you.
From the looks of it somehow the game was paused but did neither show the pause menu nor locked camera movement.
Do you remember doing anything specific or hitting specific keys on the keyboard before that happened?

Not that I recall, no... I was just waiting for the after game screen with stats to pop up as it usually does.

The only keys I use in this game are arrow keys for moving the camera and esc. All I did was mash esc after some time in an attempt to bring up the menu, which resulted in what you see on that screenshot.

I saved something like 20 mins before I lost, I could use it and lose again on purpose, see if I can reproduce the bug somehow. I don't know, if that helps?

UPDATE: It happened again! Used the save from the same game, the exact same thing happened, except this time the UI went away. Could the game somehow corrupt itself and make the save unusable?

Attaching log just in case.




LAST UPDATE: I started from scratch and this happened again after VICTORY. It seems I can't get to the stat screen at all and thus finish the last level. Welp. =/


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Thanks for the report I'm going to merge this with a related topic

Actually I'm going to keep it separate and investigate as a separate issue. For now.