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The health/level symbol over my minions is not always shown, sometimes it is and somethimes it disapears... pretty annoying if you wana keep health up (hower over with mouse takes like 1 sec until it displayes the details)

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Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager
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Hmmm, this was by design based on user feedback. Previously Unit shields would be displayed at all times but players complained that this made the game too busy so we made it so player unit shields were not displayed by default unless there was important information on them (Damage taken, Growing need) by hovering over them they should appear instantly, perhaps you're suffering from a laggy UI issue. (Missing, Invisible or Laggy UI)

This is how it should behave:

With that said perhaps our original solution was not flexible enough for all players, we will investigate how feasible it is for us to extend the shield display options so that an always on option is available.

Lee "Noontide" Moon Designer & Community Manager

Stefan Furcht Is it possible to change the Unit Shield option in the options menu to a drop down with the following options:

"Important Only (Default)" - Current behaviour where player unit shields are displayed only when the player hovers over them or there is relevant information, enemy unit shields are displayed at all times

"Always On" - All Unit shields are displayed at all times

"Always Off" - All Unit shields are never displayed

Stefan Furcht Programmer
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Stefan Furcht Programmer

Minions/Defences which are not on full health should ALWAYS show their shield, so there should not be an issue to keep health up as all damaged units will show their shield permanently until recovered.

However if someone wants to see the units current XP Level permanently it could make sense.

We are looking into that.

Stefan Furcht Programmer
  • Completed - Next Patch

There will be an "Always On" options next Patch.


thanks for your quick reaction :D

well as i expirienced it, it doesn NOT always show health on damaged minnions nor defence structures. (the more minnions i have the less predictable is the behavior of health/level showing) Is it only me, haveing this problem?

an other (more flexible) solution then the "Always On" Setting would be:

A keybinding to e.g. [CTRL] as long as this key is pressed, all health/lvl symbols are shown and as soon as it is released the standard behavior is active.

greetings Simi


while trying out something i watched exactly the behavior :

1. a single minnion attacks an enemy defence part

2. as soon as it gets hit and damaged, the healthbar shows properly

3. during the fight i keep healing and the health bar shows all the time

4. to the end of the fight a 2nd minnion joins

5. the 2nd minnion doesnt get hurt, so no health bar showed ... so far so good

6. both minnion attack now a 2nd defence part (both minnions at full health and healthbar of the first minnion is still showed)

7. the whole fight vs the 2nd defence part is the health bar of the first minnion showed, but in this fight the 2nd minnion recieves the damage and the 1st doesnt get hurt. but only the (fulll) healthbar of the first minnion is showed and not the one of the 2nd.

8. i just randomly throu in heals to keep the 2nd minnion alive (without knowing of its actual health status)


and an other situation:

1. Message "your minnions are beeing attacked"

2. i press the icon to the right side

3. camera pans to the fight

4. i see the fight but no health / levels of my minnions are showed

5. stays like this until my minnion or enemy dies

Stefan Furcht Programmer

This looks like an actual bug with the "Default" behaviour.
But since this ticket was about adding an "Always On" option it would be good to create a new bug ticket, because this is now an internally completed improvement ticket.

Would you mind creating one + simply copy your last three replies in?


hmm no my ticket was not about an "always on" option ... you just made it to it ;)

I'd actualy prefer a key binding. Like in some other games: Press a button to show all Tags and realease button to hide them again.

But well i'm in a good mood, so ill open a new bug ticket for you and copy everything in there.. :D