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Stuck on loading screen *any map or mission*

RavenZahadoom 6 years ago updated by Stefan Furcht (Programmer) 6 years ago 16

Steam did a auto update of the game today (19mb or so) since then none of the levels or maps load, stuck at the loading screen with about 2-3% of the load bar full, waited over 10 mins and nothing. Game is therefore as of now unplayable for me.

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Hi RavenZahadoom

Please Upload your Output_log and give us your Specs.
We would need those things to help you properly

Opps for got the output log here it is: Output log

(btw my output log was 300MBs what the hell??? your system would not accept the file so I had to delete it start the game again wait 1 min on the stuck loading screen and then upload this 6MB one, why the hell was it 300MBs? some does it not refresh after a certain size?? Sorry but bad bad programing there so b4 long it was gona start eating up GBs of space on the hard drive?)

Plus specs: Specs

And saved game: WFTO_Tutorial wftohomerealm_autosave wftohomerealm_autosave.meta

Version says 1.4.3f4

So anything I forgot?

When the log is 300MB, there is definatly something wrong here. if the output_log is that huge, use WinZip or WinRar to compress it, that's how I do it.
I can't find if you are on Windows, Linux or on a Mac, please let me know trough the comments.

windows 7 64bit its in the specs file i uploaded

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In normal operation an output log will not grow past a few KB in size, as it has grown so quickly to such a massive size the game must be throwing a lot of exceptions very quickly. Looking at your output log it appears that Unity Engine is collapsing in on itself.

Just tested the latest build again and can confirm it works on all our PCs in the office. So my first recommendations are to try the troubleshooting steps listed here: General Crash Troubleshooting, Startup Crashes.

Particularly I'd recommend verifying steam cache or performing a full resinstall of the game as if this happened after a patch it's possible steam messed up the install for you.

Just for clarity as well, the only change the patch made is to update the CSV doc where all text lines are pulled from because some languages missed translations. So it's as unrelated as possible from your issue.

So the CSV file was 19MBs? Hmm ok I will take your word on it... btw looking at general crash troubleshooting the only things I haven't done is restart the PC (which I'm about to do now) and did a full reinstall, but the thing is I may not be able to do that, I currently live in Turkey and internet is not unlimited here, I can't go around redownloading games which I have already downloaded, its not cheap you know. BUt verifying the cache showed no problems and the stuck in loading screen is the same. Lets see if restarting the PC would actually work even if it is still the oldest "I don't wana deal with this" in the IT world (and I don't say that lightly I used to work in IT)

OK so restarting the PC didn't help, btw just noticed something when I start the game and get to the starting menu the there is no "welcome back underlord" diaolog... related?

Anyway this game is dead for me now I guess, not gona waste bandwidth on redownloading this when I can buy something else, download and play that without bugs (hopely).

Sorry to hear that, honestly from this side it sounds like Steam messed up the update and has corrupted a file somehow, all the exceptions in the output log are pointing towards the Unity Engine which operates below WFTO and as such it's not our code that is at fault.

However the vast range of exceptions that are occuring and the lack of coherency in them other than all being Unity related would certainly point towards corrupted files. The only solution we could expect would be to perform a complete reinstall. But I recognize the limitations imposed by your ISP and understand if you're unwilling to download the game again.

Steam splits updates into chunks. The CSV file will have been in a chunk that is approx 20MBs in size. The actual size of the CSV is 4.15MB. With that said I wouldn't have expected it to be that large anyway.

Just had a thought while I was driving back home. Perhaps if I upload the previous patch to a beta branch that you can opt into it might force Steam to redownload some files it would otherwise ignore. I can't say whether it would work though because It's difficult to say how exactly steam went wrong when downloading.

But either way that should just be exactly the same size as the patch that went just before.

Alright you might be able to give that a shot now by opting into the previous build beta. :)


Thanks for the effort I tried the beta but it didn't work... but seen as you put in the effort I wanted to do that same... then it hit me... look at that log file again... look where the exception is... time zone. I'm in Turkey this year they got rid of daylight saving so they stay on summer time year round, because of this windows pushed out a timezone update to windows (from my installed updates log):

October, 2016 Preview of Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3192403)

Installation date: ‎01/‎11/‎2016 23:02
Installation status: Successful

Same day as your update... got me thinking it used to be +2 GMT istanbul but now its +3GMT istanbul and no longer has the enable daylight saving option... got a few other unity games on the PC so decided to test... 2d games run fine but NONE of the 3d games work!!! Bingo? the update adds a new timezone unity has no idea about and so gets stuck like "this does not compute!! error error I'll try again.. but no this does not compute there is no such thing as +3GMT istanbul".

Changed the time zone and the game works! as do all other 3d unity games. So this is not a WftO bug this is a unity bug although created in part by MS and mostly the Turkish government lol :P

I ask this of you guys... please talk to unity about this... can be repeated on all 3d unity games I have, need to patch to work with the KB3192403 windows update, otherwise pretty soon no one in Turkey will be able to play untiy 3D games. Please try on your end, install windows update, change timezone to istanbul and see if you can play the game??

I hope I have found the real problem so please get back to me on this, although I have a work around I would still like to know if something else strange is happening with my windows time zone settings.

Completed - Resolved

Ahhh that's great news Raven, good to hear the game's working and we honestly wouldn't have anticipated that, extremely inconvenient timing on the updates for sure!

I'll make sure this is passed on to Unity and they're made aware of this fault, it usually takes a little while to get a response from them so I'll mark this as complete for now but rest assured we'll get the news to them. Thanks a lot! :)


This sounds hilarious and interesting!
But glad you found a work around :)