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Alchemy lab bugged in multiplayer

Cron 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 15

This bug is client only

I build alchemy lab - 5x5 for example, then I am able to queue 4 potions (1 per prop). When I use them, I am not able to queue anymore potions because game thinks that my potions are still ready to use (they are not). The only way to queue more potions is to sell alchemy lab and rebuild it.

Not sure if all potions cause this issue, I use spirit worker one.

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Steam Public
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I believe this was supposed to have been fixed in the last patch. Can you check you're not on a beta branch causing you to be on an old build, what build number does the game show on the top corner of the main menu?

Beta is turned off in steam settings. Main menu screens shows version 1.4.2f9.

This one is also NOT fixed for me, even tho patchnotes say it should be fixed - http://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/1242-the-tavern-can-have-more-than-100-fill-level/

Hey Cron,
when it is that easy to replicate, we should be able to nail this one.

So simply build a 5x5? Alchemy Lab, then brew 4 Work a lot potions? (Which potions did you brew?) use them while being Client/Host? (which role you had?) and then you can not brew more by clicking on the "Brew Potion" buttons? (True?) and the "Pick up Potion" buttons still show the ones brewed before after being picked and used already? (Do they?)

If you can answer the question marks so we can exactly reproduce, we will likely find the cause quickly.

I didnt say its easy to replicate, but it happens very often for me (like 50% of games). There must be something triggering it because Its usually late game when I build alchemy lab.

As mentioned by me in first post "This bug is client only". It works fine in singleplayer or as host.

So here is how it goes:

I build 5x5 alchemy lab -> I click potion in the top row 4 times to brew 4 potions (the one that spawns spirit workers for 30 seconds) -> Minions do their thing and create potions for me -> I click potion in bottom row and use all 4 potions spawning 20 spirit workers total (5 of them per potion if I remember correclty) -> When I try to repeat this process by clicking on potions in top row again I get message that I cant create anymore potions. If I remember correctly narrators is talking "You cant brew anymore potions" or something like that, I dont remember exact words.

Interface that is used to create potions shows that I have 0/4 potions, yet I still cant create any.

There is full circle animation above cauldrons which I believe show that potions should be almost ready to use (like they were stuck at 99% or smth)

When I told friend of mine who was hosting that something is bugged and I cant create anymore potions he told me my potions seem ready on his screen. There is visible potion bottle apearing above cauldron when potion is ready to use I think and thats probably what he was seeing.

It doesnt matter if I use all potions at once or not, often it gets stuck even after using just one or two.

If I sell the room and build it again in exactly same spot, then I can brew 4 potions again, and after using them they will again get stuck.

I will post output log next time it happens or maybe make a video. After playing so many games with this bug I simply stopped building alchemy lab because i couldnt use it anyway...


Thank you for the in depth explanation how to trigger it.
This should hopefully be enough to find the cause.
I will export this one to the internal bug tickets.

Pending Customer

I keep failing to reproduce this one since quite a while now (playing for 1.5 hours as client).
I did built stuff on almost the entire map I even get some lags now, but the Alchemy Lab does not want to break for me.
And (as with the bugged rally flag cancel icons for client) also here we had a similar internal bug report before which was fixed and this fix should be in current public version.
So for me it is important, that you are not in a Beta Branch on Steam which might be outdated?
If not, did you do anything specific when using the potions?
Did you grab them via UI or directly from the cauldrons?
Did you apply them in any unusual way or at an unusual place?

Hey, I'm 100% sure I never played any beta build. All these bugs happened for me after you guys fixed slaughterpen bug ("Slaughterpen Pigs should no longer become uneatable over the course of a long game session, causing mass hunger through your dungeon") because I refused to play the game until it was fixed which means I was playing with lastest patch applied.

I always grab potions via interface. I dont think there was anything unusual about it.

I reinstalled the game and I will be playing with a friend tomorrow and try to replicate all these bugs, post screenshots, output log, maybe make a movie out of it

If you would catch the moment it happens in a little vid this would likely make more clear how it could be triggered.
Maybe you just do something different than I do and thus I fail to trigger the problem.
Just one extra question: was it on a large custom map? Which one was it?

All the bugs I ecountered were happening while I was playing this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758588439 (usually 2players+2AI vs AI)

These maps are large and have ALOT of units on them

I was meanwhile able to reproduce an issue here.
To trigger the problem you need to very quickly grab potions of one type and create potions of a different type.
This can cause that the host does not remove the potion references on cauldrons and thus they are occupied on host, while free on client.
When the client chooses a free cauldron to brew a new potion, while this one is occupied on server, the host will deny the attempt and the potion won't be brewed.
This issue was caused by the grab event arriving delayed on the server and if you were faster in grabbing and building a new potion the issue popped.
But now we explicitly tell the server to remove the potion right when the client grabs it from the cauldron.
This does not only theoretically fix it, but I can not trigger it again now in the way I was able before fixing it.

So long story short: It's fixed in next patch :)

Huh, you probably started thinking i made it up :P