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Units get somehow stuck in a chasm

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 14

I can't tell how exactly they got there, as I wasn't present to witness it. They made my traps to glitch as well, as they stay locked onto them and don't fire at other enemies. I can only hope to quickly dispatch them with Lighting.

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It appears to be a scripting issue. The Huntress keeps to spawn there as I kill her with Lighting. Damn. She takes out everything I prepared for enemy assault.

After loading a savegame it appears they don't respawn there anymore. They were still present there after reloading tho.


I managed to suceessfully replicate this. It's quite interesting actually.

So from what I can tell this is a result of some behaviour regarding the blade lotus. I believe that if a blade lotus is triggered in a way that would push a unit into a solid obstruction it is possible that those units will sink into the ground.

For example I had a similar setup but had three blade loti across the entrance area, these were triggered when enemy units walked on them. Blade lotus would push the unit into another active blade lotus and the units would instantly sink into the ground.

Correct Lee, it was the Blade Lotus Knock Back, which was able to shift units first above and then in chasm.
Will be fixed next Patch :)

Still occurring in Patch 1.4.3 RC. Re-opening.