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Recalled units don't flee after Recall fizzles

ZzZombo 6 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 15

Unless the Mentor is not to believe, as he said they will attempt to flee if Recall is interrupted for them.

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Did the units you tried to recall have a lair? In my tests I found that units would continue to run if they had a lair but if they didn't then they would run a short while and then turn and fight.

No, I tested the Sentinel and the Gnarling separately, as one doesn't have a lair, and the other does. I dropped them alone near enemy and immediately recalled them. The Sentinel after fizzling went to train, and seemed to ignore the attacking enemy Sapper, but shortly turned back and continued to fight. The same happened to the Gnarling. So in short, nobody would flee, but rather they attempted to perform some other job, but it didn't become their top priority, completely ruining the purpose of the spell.

Even if it was so, recalled unit should attempt to flee to the Dungeon Core if it has no lair.


Agreed, passing through to code team.

Requires design input.

In current implementation internally unit is more likely to flee but will stop ocassionally to use an ability on a chasing enemy unit. Should the unit flee without any chance to fight back, fight back with abilities, try to make an attack occasionally?

For now I changed it so that they flee focussed on getting home and ignore attacks entirely in the process

Probably the 'try to make an attack occasionally' option, but if that's not workable then they should just flee.

Surely it would make sense that the only abilities they'd try to use whilst fleeing are ones which help with getting away (namely stuns and slows), anything else just gives the chaser time to catch up.

Well this is what they do Nutter, they can use "out of combat abilities" while fleeing.
I had the "attack occasionally" thing before but as units run then back towards an enemy it gets recognized as a bug I fear.
Now they would only attack doors or ramparts which block them from getting further to their home.

Completed - Resolved

I think the OP should be fine as units flee now always. In my opinion we should keep that unless anyone finds a problem with it.
If so, please report a new bug.