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Non units can't be damaged by the Firebreather's fire attack or the Chander's vomit

ZzZombo 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 24

Making them extremely bad at dealing with anything a non-living creature. They can't even knock enemy doors at a decent pace as other creatures. And bad assaliants for the Dungeon Core.

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Can not confirm that.
Both attacks deal damage against Defenses.
Tested it with lvl 5 Chunder and FireBreather against Ramparts.

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What type of door were they attacking? Anything special about it and what level were you playing on?

Any level. Particular instances are level 4 Chunders vomiting on a Portcullis, or a Firebreather using his fire attack against the Rhaskos' Dungeon Core on the level 7.

EDIT: I just tested a Chunder against a Templar. It didn't do ANY damage with the vomit attack. So the issue is that the attacks are completely harmless.

did you tested it with a lvl 1 Chunder?

Because the burb attackbid mostly for debuff.


we had such a ticket from Slich interally, perhaps he can confirm that?

Because I tested it allready with lvl 10 Units, and they little deal damage

I had level 4-6 units. I'd think by that time they should do at least some damage.

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The Chunder's "Belch/Vomit" skill is not it's basic attack (Headbutt is the Chunder's basic attack), and since it is a debuff skill, it isn't actually intended to deal any damage (as far as I know).


Confirmed it appears the Chunder's attacks do not damage some targets, although his basic attack and headbutt do.

Tested with the following:

Portculis - No damage from vomit or fart

Wooden Door - No damage from vomit or fart

Templar - Damage by both

Worker - Damage by both

Dungeon Core - No damage by either

Bombarrd - Damage by both

Could it be that everything with no attacks are immun against all Damage debuff attacks?

Perhaps debuffs in general?

I would also test that with a cultist, attack once with normal attack, them Debuff, attack with normal attack again.

Alternatively, if this turns out to be intended, units should not use attacks against target said attacks can't affect.

Will this investigation also make it so cultists actually heal my units while attacking?

Cultists also heal the units of your opponent, while attacking ;D (allready reported)

Further investigattion:
I can confirm that, The Chunder and Fire Breathers Breath and burb attack wont hurt any door at all as well as Inhibitor and Dungeon Cores.
Cultists also cast their debuff (- movement & attack speed) onto doors.

In generall, I do not dislike that Units casts non-usefull Abilities onto Things, because they will level up, but they should definatly prioties other Units over un-effected things to use on their abilities.
(Tested it with Chunder & Fire Breather on Dungeon Core and Workers)

Cultists debuff causes the target to take increased damage. It's actually very useful against defenses.

Although, ideally multiple cultists should apply debuffs to different targets when possible.

If the thread on the forums is right, it is works only on heavily wounded units. It doesn't specify how much health does it need to lose to be affected, but still, damage amplification on already succumbing creatures is kinda pointless, it's almost like having an ability to instantly kill any creature... but only if it has less than 50 HP.

"In generall, I do not dislike that Units casts non-usefull Abilities onto Things, because they will level up" -- but they also waste so much time doing this pointless thing, I don't even.

Hm. I noticed many times how defenses health reduces considerably faster once a cultist joins the battle, no matter its health. Perhaps it works differently vs defenses, or current target health is not so important.

Hey I think the answer is way simpler.
These attacks are ranged. Vomit is a cone and fart is a sphere AoE.
The radius for both is exactly one tile.
However these queries are done only for the center of the hit objects and this 3D space, while the chunder tries to get in range in 2D.
If the bounding volume is not almost exactly at the same height as the chunder it does miss.
We are fixing this right now by taking the corners enclosing cuboid into account and make a special check for cylindric objects eg. dungeon cores.

Btw. Cultists debuff does higher the damage input on enemies independent of their current health value.


Found a second problem:
After units in AoE were queried there was a raycast check in addition to not hit enemies behind walls/obstacles.
Well it did not check if the ray was simply occluded by the target we wanted to hit.
And doors and cores of course occluded these rays (you should see my face palm now :D)
These issues will be fixed next patch.

Nice work Stefan.looking forward to the next patch now.

Also tonight could be the night I become a father so I'm praying the empire stays clear....haha


what could I add to this now?
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