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Game Crashed in Scenario Mode

Reyh! 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 7 years ago 11

The game crashed on a custom made map in Scenario mode. The crash happened when I was attacking. I suspect the crash has something to do with the units as this is not the first crash I've experienced.

Computer spec:

  • Asus Notebook R556L
  • Intel Core i7-4510U CPU 2 GHz
  • 8GB Ram
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Intel HD Graphics Family

As for this case I got a output log, but I did not get a crash report from Steam.


Game Version:
Steam Public

Going to pass this straight through. Looks like a Stack Overflow on some for of ability cast under very unique circumstances.

Reyh! can you provide details on what units were present on both sides in the fight if possible, and also if you can link the map where the problem occured that'd be great!

This happened on this map, but the same type of crash has appeared on this map as well. Although, the crash that is reported here appeared on a local release, but still the same map, but with I did make some minor and unrelated changes to the map before releasing it. Both of these are custom made scenario maps.

As for the creatures that were present on my side; I had all of the available Underlord creatures, with the exception of the Vampire and the Succubus. I don't remember the exact numbers on all of them, but I do know that I had about 14 Sentinels, around 6 Ember Demons and around 6 Beast Masters. Two of the Ember Demons were pre-placed on the map, but they did not cause a crash on earlier points of the game. As for the hero side, there were 2 pre-placed Sentinels, 2 Succubuses and 1 worker.

Please note that the crash happened in combat. Before the crash I had a big fight and a small fight. When the crash happened, I had just started a small fight with the creatures mentioned above. The game did not crash at earlier points in the game with both big and small fights.

Yes, there could be an issue with certain unit abilities as the crashes happens when units fight other units. Maybe this could happen in the Arena as well?

Two new crashes.. Same map.

The first crash happened just after the map was started, but in a fight, the second crash also happened in a fight. I have a feeling that the Sentinel has something to do with these crashes.

Crash 1: output_log 2.txt

Crash 2: output_log 3.txt

Any update on this bug?


Coders should be getting around to reviewing it in the next few weeks :)


I would never have guessed that we would encounter such a weird stackoverflow issue that late in development.
Thanks for reporting this one, we are investigating the root cause.


It was caused by the "Shadow Strike" ability of shadows triggering in a loop under rare circumstances.
However if it happened it was causing a stack overflow which made the game freeze and crash.
This issue will be resolved in next patch.

Awesome! I look forward to play in the next patch! :-D