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Cannot dismiss titans

Old Cat 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 12

No matter what I do, I cannot dismiss titans. I DO slap them very fast, like 3-4 times per second.

Maybe it's my mouse or something? I use logitech M500 mouse together with logitech setpoint software, which allows to change mouse buttons functions. However, I haven't changed right mouse button function.

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That's rather unusual. It should just take 3 slaps to dismiss them and if the slap animation is playing I would imagine it's hitting correctly.

I just dismissed a behemoth about 5 minutes ago so it seems to be working, unless it's a particular titan you're having issues with?

I tried it in both C13 and Oberon home realm, with all titans except the new golden one. Disabled steam overlay, changed game speed to 100, turned off logitech setpoint, tried to save then exit and load the game. Titans don't disappear. My log after an attempt to dismiss an eternal in home realm, if it helps output_log.txt


Confirmed that this is happening on Campaign Levels Home Realm & C13, but not in Sandbox.

Hello Old Cat,
seems like slapping titans to death is disabled on purpose, because there are some levels where killing the titan accidentally can make you lose the level.
I will pass this ticket to the designer, to get some feedback what is finally the best solution for this issue.

Nano disabled slapping Titans to death on purpose because the QA Team reported that this can be dangerous especially in HoG level 4 where killing the Colossus does end the level.
However I think in general the user should be able to get a rid of its Titan even in campaign mode.
(In some levels it might be even useful to change strategy quickly)
What do you think we should do about this matter?

Even so, I see no reason to disable this option in the home realm.

It was just disabled on a blanket scale for the entire campaign. Chances are it'll instead be parred down to the levels it effects.

Change to be mutator / Aplly only to HoG4

Since Titan dismissal was disabled for the entire campaign, we now introduced a flag for this in the level mutator, which is only applied to Heart of Gold level 4.

This means now slapping Titans to death will always work except in said level.

I guess we took a shortcut on this one which was way too short :)
Thanks for reporting!