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Unit bar disappears when you have too many minions.

Artix Fox 7 years ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 6 years ago 26

Most easily seen if you build one of every room and convert a few Empire units. I'm not sure the exact number of minions required, but eventually the entire unit bar vanishes and the only way to pick up units is to use hotkeys.

See picture here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ArtixFox/screenshot/266093048581678006

You can see that the "close quickbar" arrows are floating off on the bottom right of the screen, so there should be unit portraits between it and the Workers portrait. Happens in any map or campaign mission that you can get enough minions in.

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Just gave this a go. Unfortunately I was not able to replicate, even having every possible unit variation and over 800 individual units.

Out of interest if you load your save game where this issue is occuring is your creature UI still missing?

This also occurs with me. The problem persists after a reload. It happened in a campaign scenario and also happens in my "native dungeon".

I think it happens when the number of icons is too high to be displayed on a single line. Maybe there is a bug in the code that deals with this.




Hmmm not the case as far as I can tell. I tested with every possible unit in the game so my creature bar would scroll for quite some time. I'm interested in the fact that it seems the problem persists after reload so thanks for providing the save. I'll pass this onto code for now to see if they can spot anything in your save.

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Hello YS1,
I have loaded your Home Realm save and this is what I get when i click on the minion tab:

So I can not reproduce any issue with the unit panel and I don't know how I can get to this state.

By any chance do you play in 4K resolution?
Our UI pluging (Coherent UI) is known to have still some issues with 4K res and some UI elements can randomly disapear.
In this case try to lower resolution a bit.
However we never had any report of such an issue with lower resolutions than 4K.

Hope this helps!


Can you both add your system specs and your logs (from after seeing the issue),
like described in the "How to: Submit a Bug Ticket" topic.

I do not know what 4K resolution is. Screen resolution is 1920*1200.


Obtained by opening WFTO, opening Home dungeon and then quitting.


Obtained by opening WFTO, setting HUD size back to 100% (was 104%), opening Home dungeon and then quitting.

NOTE : the unit bar correctly appears in this setting.

GPU is FirePro V4800 with open-source drivers from Ubuntu 16.04 (64 bits).

Setting HUD size to 101% gives a correct display as well (so the bug is not triggered by scaling).

Setting HUD size to 102% causes the unit bar to disappear.

Oh thank you for this hint. I was unable to reproduce.

Somehow for me the minion panel does still not disappear when i put UI Scale to 104% (it neither does when i put it to 102% nor 120%).
So I wonder if this might be a Linux specific issue with our UI middleware.

Artix, are you on Linux as well?
Can we get your system specs?

What happens when there are too many units to display ? Is there some sort of scrolling system ?

That's correct, you can scroll the unit bar under normal conditions once there are too many types to display.

And it works fine in all cases I tested.
Once there is one unit more than space on screen it does add little double arrows left and right to the panel which can be hovered or clicked to scroll.
(You can see them in my screenshot above)
But somehow this doesn't work on (your) Linux (versions), which is quite strange,
because the UI is rendered by the Chromium engine which _should_ behave the same on every platform.

So now I am a bit puzzled why it is different for you guys.

I reckon that the UI is in HTML+CSS+JS. Is there some sort of debug console that could help understangin what is going on ?

I just started the Heart of Gold campaign, and I got a correctly displayed unit bar, with the arrows.


There is some way but it is not accessible for normal users I fear.
We might need to contact the provider of our UI middleware.
I am just glad the issue is not permanent, so you can at least fix it by putting UI Scale on a different value to make it appear again.

Hi, guys!

Would like to add my experience of that nasty bug.

My rig specs are:

17" 4:3 display

Amd bulldozed cpu x6


16 gb ram

Win 7

In my case this nasty bug is totally linked with GUI scale.

I made it over 130% because the font is absolutely unreadable on my display otherwise. It is barely readable over 130% btw, but I stopped at 130% because the tabs are way too big this way.

So when the number of types of creatures go over certain number (depends on gui scale) the creature tab disappeares. At the moment I'm looking at the 4 of 5th mission (killing dwarf portal / prison introduced) and I had to scale gui under 80% - creature tab disappeares otherwise.

Hope you can fix this bug and the small fonts bug.

P.S. That's the best the font looks for me. Difficult to read!

Thanks for this great documentation Jhk Ahu, I successfully replicated the issue in the office based on your feedback.

I believe that what's happening here is caused by the fact that the unit bar when scaled will disappear if any part of it moves over screen space. Normally this is fine as it's scaled for each resolution but there are a few exceptions.

As such the higher you scale your UI the quicker it will disappear at 102% on standard 16:9 or 4:3 displays the UI disappears just as the scrolling arrow is added. I believe that Stefan could not replicate as he previously used a very wide resolution, so the screen space available was wide enough to allow the unit bar to extend without going over.

I'll pass this on to Stefan.

Indeed 4:3 is not very common today, but I faked this resolution and was able to replicate the issue.
Now we made it screen ratio dynamic, which means it will just show less or more units at once depending on screen ratio and HUD Scale, to prevent it to be bigger than the screen and thus being fully omitted.
The issue will be fixed in next patch :)