upgraded computer, same problems

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hello its me, just, again. ive finally gotten my computer to 4 gb and

steam help has ignored the support ticket i put up for them for a month. im wondering what i should do now

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Hello Just,

It was probably on of the other QA guys talking with you, can ypou please explain your issue in more detail?

Hello Just,
you are talking about the disk read error? Or what issue do you still have right now?

well currently im unable to open the game since the disk read error is preventing it from updating. (or at least thats what i presume is going on)

So you are still using Windows XP 32bit?
Well disk read error can mean either there are insufficient rights or an issue with your hdd.
It should have nothing todo with your RAM.
Did you tried to verify steam cache after a fresh reboot and with starting steam as administrator?
If this didn't help, it might be needed to check your HDD for any defects.
See: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ee872425.aspx
Use chkdsk with repair option: chkdsk /f C:
If this finds and repairs an issue, then try again to verify steam cache after a reboot by running steam as admin.
Does it help?

oh! i was able to open the game! thanks!

ok so now how do i fix the inability to save?

Just for others reading this:
So what did you do to fix the issue?

For the saving issue:
When you did your report on the old bug forum your logs clearly said you did run out of RAM.
If you have now more RAM saving should work flawlessly.
Do you still have issues?
If yes, please upload another output_log so we can see why.
In this case, under Control Panel -> System what does it say how much RAM you have usable?

i just did what you said. ran chkdsk /f C: and said yes when it asked to do it on next reboot. then i restarted my computer.

yes i still have issues. my systems now states i have 3.5 GB of ram available

i will get back to you tomorrow with the output_log

It's still running out of memory like before.
So what ever you try to save is still too big for your available RAM.
Since you have now 3.5 GB usable I wonder if you run other memory intense processes next to the game.
Can you right click on the taskbar to open the Task Manager, switch to "Processes" tab and sort all by "Mem Usage"
Like here:

What does it show upmost?
Is it something required while you play?

Also are you still using Windows XP 32bit?

heres what i have, and since i dont run opera when i play the game thats excluded, the only additions would be steam and the game itself.


and yes im still running xp 32bit

Well the top three things take 1GB of memory away from your 3.5 GB usable RAM so that 2.5 RAM remain.
(1 - Opera can be closed, 2 - AMD Evolved can be closed, 3 - Windows Antimalware you might want to keep but can be closed)
WftO requires 4GB RAM to work on all included maps correctly, when you play custom maps maybe even way more.
With that you are still below minimum requirements.
So what ever you try to save is still too big for your RAM unfortunately.
What is it by the way?
I guess it's not a small map.

im on the level 'the kenos' but i have tried to save previously on the levels before that as well and they have always failed. the only one that ever succeeded was the first time i tried to save on the level where you have to use a ritual of some kind to get to a dwarf. when i loaded that save the dwarf appeared in my dungeon and charged my heart so i was easily able to kill him. after that the save file was corrupted and the game automatically deleted it

why does this game take up so much ram anyway? the game that WftO is based off of was able to run games with 3 ai players myself and a roaming human faction without ever having any odd ai hiccups or an inability to save. and that was before i got the new ram


Short answer: It is a game from 2015 and not from 1995.
It is using a game engine Unity3d which it self will require a lot of this RAM for all the nicer graphics you can see.
Also mechanically the game is more complex in some ways and the AI is more advanced.
Also nowadays memory is always enough on most systems, so that modern frameworks like to rather allocate more memory if this is a benefit to runtime.

Your rig + OS is from more than a decade ago, not even Microsoft supports WinXP anymore and you even have the 32bit version.

You could as well ask why a phonograph record doesn't fit into your compact disk drive.
If you want to play a game from nowadays with such a system you need to live with some drawbacks.

I am not sure what else to say, I was just trying to help so you can still run the game even below minimum requirements.

i wasnt complaining i simply wanted to know. thank you for the answer

is there a way to upgrade my 32bit xp to the 64bit xp? you know, without wiping the computer?


OK, I read it deep in the night and was a bit gruff. Sorry for that :)
Well the best would be to not use Windows XP anymore as Microsoft officially stopped supporting it:

This means Windows XP doesn't get updates anymore, security holes will not be fixed anymore and system components do out date more and more.
It is a high risk to use Windows XP since Microsoft stopped support.

And if you want to use 4GB or more you need to use a 64bit version.
WftO supports Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.
If upgrading from 32 to 64bit without "wiping out computer" is doable depends on multiple factors, I remember it was mostly not easy with Windows XP and a 32bit license does not grant a 64bit license.
I hope this page answers questions about this topic:

I never did such an upgrade my self and I can only provide limitted help on this matter.
We are here to fix issues with the game but can not always help with issues users have with their system.

I still hope you find a way to play or maybe one day you can afford a new rig without all these limits.

Either way I wish you best luck :)

Hello Just. Since your computer seems to be really old. I recommend just buy a new machine. The amount of work to upgrade your current station is gonna be a BIG hassle. I just went back and did this myself... Once your machine hits the age of 6 years old... it's Old, but will work... 8yrs your super old... 10+ you got ancient tech compared to now tech... Plus, you can walk into Walmart and drop $300-$400+ for a computer leagues better than what you have and it's supported by a warranty... making it yourself, you don't get that bonus.

This site is for bugs for the game. These guys only have enough man power to support it.

If you want to check components and piece out a new computer tower. I recommend hitting up http://www.tomshardware.com/

If you want to order a real gaming computer. There's a few sites out there that can show you options with live pricing. That toms hardware site is pretty good at recommending options.

Also, Windows 7 is pretty close to XP in ease etc. Windows Vista isn't worth even glancing at. And Windows 10 is shaping up quite nicely so far. That and Windows 10, you can use your Xbox One controller natively. Still waiting to get one hehe.

I wish you the best of luck Just.

PS: Good news support team. I have Win 10 (64bit) and originally had 3GB of RAM when I first installed Win 10 and WftO. Win 10 and WftO had a lot of issues with using up all my RAM. I had to increase my hard disk cache to make up for the missing memory just to run the basics, like the web browser. But still had major, game breaking issues. I went and updated my RAM to the max of my Motherboards memory, which is 8GB on a Dell XPS 420. And now Windows 10 works beatifully. And the game I can jack up to the high def settings and it works amazingly! OMG so happy! The Dell XPS 420 is a 2007 gaming computer... being 8yrs old... It's holding up, but it's at it's limits for all the upgrades. And in 2 years I'll have to replace it like I explained to you above. This mother board is old, and can only handle 8GB of RAM and socket 775. It was designed for Vista and has the weird backwards chasis which they don't make anymore lol. Technology just keeps getting better. :-)