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macbook 2016

fabrice 7 years ago updated by Scott Richmond (Programmer & Producer) 6 years ago 21

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the game can't be run correctly with my macbook2016 on steam

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Hello Fabrice,
first off sorry for all inconvenience you got.
This sounds very unusual, since we tested the game on a much older Macbook and it runs fine, we just confirmed again it runs on our Test-Macbook some minutes ago.
So this looks like a system specific problem.
To get a deeper insight what the cause is we need your Player log files.
Can you read https://forum.subterraneangames.com/threads/please-read-how-to-report-a-bug.4689/#post-51529
and upload your Player.log and crash dump if any as described to this thread.
This will allow us to take a look what did go wrong on your end.

Thank you

Hello again,
it looks like there could be a linking problem with the host process of our UI middleware (Coherent UI) on your system.

[3976:1291:INFO:UIContentClient.cpp(74)] GPU info collected in gpu-process process: 
[3976:1291:INFO:UIContentClient.cpp(79)] Main GPU vendor 32902 device 6430
[Coherent Browser] (Warning) PID: 3974 | -1 04:26:33.451706 Version number mismatch detected between the Coherent UI dynamic library and host executable! Host is 9825 and dynamic library is 9824.

But to make sure it is an issue of the software and not just a corrupted file, can you please verify integrity of your game files?
See how to do this here:
(in case you did not try yet)

Does it help/fix the problem for you?

I did it but it changed nothing

for information this is my macbook : http://www.apple.com/macbook/

Hello Fabrice,
Can you add the OSX version you use?
Technically what your screenshot shows is very strange.
The version number is put in static HTML, there is (normally) no way it could repeat itself on screen unless there goes something utterly wrong.
So far we struggle to realize what could causing this.
We might need to contact the Vendor of our UI plugin to get support for this issue.

it's el capitan


I have exactly the same problem showing up on the home screen when I open the game. The game was purchased via Steam and I'm running the latest OSX on the latest Macbook 2016. Please help!


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no news? for a update?

Hopefully we will be able to work on it this week.

Meanwhile try to verify game cache:

I did it but it changed nothing

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Hello again Fabrice,
We did inform Coherent Labs, the provider of our user interface plugin (Coherent UI), about your specific issue.
Sorry for letting you wait that long, I hope we get a response and finally help on this issue soon.
Stay tuned and sorry for inconvenience.

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Hello Fabrice or Sebastian,
could you open your games library, right click (or apple + click) on "War for the Overworld" and select "Properties".
Then switch tab to "Local Files" then select "Browse Files" which will open the game's folder with all game files.
Can you go to the subfolder WFTOGame_Data/uiresources/wftoUI/menu/
and upload the file "menu.html
" to this thread using the paperclip button "Insert File" above the text editor to enter your message.

We got reply from the support and we are curious if anything strange did happen to this particular file.


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Thank you Fabrice & Sebastian this helps!
The file is looking like it should, so now we know at least that the file does not contain the issue we see and it must be an issue with rendering the HTML code via the UI plugin.
Will get back to you soon once we get more instructions from Coherent Labs.
Stay tuned.

Hi Guys,

I'd just like to confirm if you have any news on whether this was fixed by recent patches? v1.4.2 on public branch and v1.4.2f4 on public test branch.

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Setting this to complete as we've had no feedback from the user.