Freezing / Stuttering Menus and Gameplay on Macbook Pro (2016+ Intel Iris Models)

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Issue Description

Upon launching the game and entering the main menu the menu and the scene in the background appear to be stuttering. 

Uniquely this issue presents with the stutter seemingly reversing animations and moving panels backwards to previous positions.

The game is rendering in reverse for brief spans of time every few seconds.


2016 and onward Macbook Pros which feature Intel Iris graphics suffer from severe instability which causes graphics rendering in certain unity games to stutter and render images out of order. We are unsure of the exact cause of this issue but it is presumed an incompatibility between the latest Intel Iris graphics chips/drivers and Unity's rendering pipeline is at fault. It is also possible Apple's ongoing depreciation of the OpenGL API in favour of the proprietary "Metal" API is at fault as Unity uses OpenGL to render graphics on OS X based systems.

Current Status

Sadly, as we cannot control these factors, there is no support that we can offer beyond advising users ensure their drivers and Operating System are up to date in-case Intel or Apple have deployed a fix. 

We will continue to monitor for fixes from Unity however as WFTO is running on an older branch of the Unity engine it is unlikely we will be able to deploy a fix safely should one be delivered.

WFTO is running on the latest version of its Unity engine branch and at this time no fix is available.

We offer our sincerest apologies to our fans who are affected by this issue.

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