Port Forwarding - Quick-Start

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Port Forwarding Multiplayer

Purpose of this Guide

This guide is intended to provide quick step-by-step instructions for setting up Port Forwarding to allow other players to connect to your hosted games via the Online Multiplayer in War for the Overworld. For full details on what Port Forwarding is and why it is required please view our full article.

Step-By-Step Port Forwarding

  1. Determine your local IP Address and the IP Address of your Router (Default Gateway). On Windowyou can do this by running the IP Config command. See this WikiHow article for details.
  2. Identify your router make and model and look it up on Portforward.com
  3. Follow the instructions for adding port forwarding rules to your router.
    1. Forward ports 27015 and 27016 to the local IP Address of your PC. Choose UDP or All.

Once you have successfully created the port forwarding rule, restart your game and you should see the test become green. In some circumstances our port test may still indicate your ports are closed. Try hosting a game and inviting another player to join, if they still cannot join. View our troubleshooting article.

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