Missing / Incorrect Kickstarter Rewards

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We have made every effort to ensure everyone has received their rewards from the Kickstarter campaign, having shipped rewards in April 2016 we expect that everyone who was due to receive rewards should have done so by now.

However it is possible that some backers may not receive their rewards or may receive incorrect rewards due a number of reasons such as incorrect or out of date details provided via our backer site. If your details were never filled in on the backer site then we will have used your previously provided Kickstarter Survey response with randomly selected rewards for items such as shirts.

In some cases if rewards were shipped to a previous address our fulfillment provider may have received a return package. In this event we may be able to ship your rewards to you at a new address. As such we will handle Kickstarter Rewards queries on a case by case basis.

Please contact us directly via the Help and Support User Echo Forum. We will do our best to assist you but please be aware in some cases it may be beyond our capabilities to provide replacement rewards.

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