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Can't finish HoG mission 1

Sqiurmo 5 years ago updated by George Spiliopoulos 5 years ago 25 1 duplicate

Windows 8.1 64-bit

GTX 780



I got to the end of mission 1 where you're told to use Blood Money on Mandalf to advance to the next level. I used it on him (Yellow), it played a little cutscene where he was asking what I bid of him, and then he turned to gold (Mandalf the Gold). The objective in the top right to turn him into gold is still there though, and I can't finish the level.

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Some more info just in case it matters: I have a lot of sentinels, ~50 of them at the end of the game. I tortured Mandalf on a rack set to convert. My game was lagging quite a bit during the whole mission, but it always does that when there's a lot of minions. Anything else I can tell you?

I have the save game, but I can't find where saves are located.

I also have this issue. I replayed the mission from scratch and was able to proceed normally, but I still have the broken save.

Hello = ) Could you please attach the broken save file Dave ? It would help greatly ^^ (You can find your save files inside the folder \Steam\userdata\[steam id]\230190\remote)

I found the root cause and it's now fixed internally = ) It will be available on next public patch. Thanks a lot guys for the report and saves ! ^_^


Hello Pesto Posta

thanks for your saved games, this issue is known internally but your saved games may bring the solution to this problem.

the only cuírcumvention we have for this currently would be completely restarting the mission. Also try avoiding Save and load for this mission.

Yeah figured that having read other posts, but figured the save games might help fix the problem. :)
There should be a save right around when I think the bug kicked in so, here's hoping it helps. :)


great, thank you Userecho. something got messed up and i do not see your original post upon merging it.

i am majorly sorry for the inconvenience PestoPosta would it be possible to upload them again? in the meantime i will try to figure our what just happened <.<

Sorry, again.

Nvm i can get them back in. thanks anyways

Sorry about that, I did not follow the thread when you merged things >_<
That has been fixed
Anyhoo if you need anything else let me know. :)

So I found a different problem in your save file, and I fixed it internally ^_^ So it will be available in next patch. Again thanks for the save file =)

Glad I could help :)
And now you have me curious what the bug is. XD

Came across the same issue :-( What can I do?