when i start the game my laptop starts al over again

harun 7 years ago updated by Jan - Eric Merzel 7 years ago 4

when i start war for the overworld my laptop starts al over agein it shut down him self

Game Version:
Steam Public

please help me


Please read the topic in the following link before posting a bug report!


I believe that your computer is overheating and forcing itself to shut down. Make sure that your computer is cool. Investing in a laptop cooler might help.

Yea Harun,
what Emil Hemdal said is most likely cause for such a behaviour and not the game itself.
However the game is relatively demanding, which might trigger the problem more easily
and if you don't have a dedicated gameing notebook,
laptop cooling is often not very effective when a longer while under full load.
I had the same experience in the past, also for me at this time a decent cooler pad helped a lot.

As it is said in the link above, when ever reporting an issue, your specs and your logs would be useful.