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my game wont start

josh engemoen 12 months ago updated by Lee "Noontide" Moon (Designer & Community Manager) 12 months ago 1

every time i try and start it the game shows the load up image and then just closes, how do i fix this?

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Hi Josh,

Please can you confirm your system specs for us as detailed here How to: Submit a Bug Ticket. Please include a dxdiag file How To: Generate a DXDiag Report..

My current theory is that you might be running one of the new 10th Gen Mobile Intel CPUs on your system (and that you likely have a laptop or netbook/tablet) If you can let us know the make and model that'd be great as well.

If my theory is correct then the current details on the issue as well as the current workaround can be found here: Game does not start. Crash after splash screen on start up. [Windows 10 - 10th Gen Intel Iris Laptop, Microsoft Surface 7].

Hope that helps,