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Some of the opposition walk around and you cannot interact with them

Robert 4 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 16

In scenarios when you have destroyed the beacon the enemies just walk about. You can't fight them and they don't attach.  

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the report. I'm afraid I'm not entirely clear on the issue, however.

Can you clarify for me what level you're experiencing this issue on and what steps you've taken to cause this issue to occur?



Can confirm it occurs, and strongly suspect it is related to GC struggling as play time increases. Haven't made a report since I haven't been able to reproduce it in any real capacity, tho Green Slice's custom levels see it often and I am guessing that is because they generally take a long time to complete with large levels and a lot of minions. At least fairly certain it is not an error in the level itself since its rarely the same units that go "incognito" if any do(But huntress is more common for some reason).

Hi Rudolph,

Thanks for weighing in. So to confirm this appears to be happening on large levels with lots of units after an extended play time? The opening report seemed to indicate that this was related to something called a "Beacon"? is this likely related or is it just something that occurs?

At about what playtime do you typically see this issue rearing its head? Is there a particular level which is good to try it on?



Hello Lee!

The map that first made me aware of the issue and seems to produce it most frequently is "Trials of Dark Elder Undergods 2.0" by Green Sliche, at first thought it was a level bug but pin-pointed it down to inhibitors and started noticing the same issue on other equally large levels by other creators.

By beacon I'm assuming OP meant an Arcane Inhibitor. When destroyed its supposed to(and usually does) remove all units attached to it. Guessing something goes wrong in that process, and some units occasionally end up not quite dead but also not quite alive. They randomly walk around but cannot be interacted with or even shot when in possession mode, and they path to nearest friendly Inhibitor or linked shield unit if one is reachable. Also seems like they have no needs, can't recall any vanishing or rebelling.

For the level linked above I'd say 30-45 minutes. Recommend rushing the Inhibitor after linked shield units are killed and leaving as many AI alive as possible, that should yield at least a few not-quite-dead wanderers.

PS: I'm not sure if I've seen it on recently-created levels, or inhibitors that start without a shield.

I am glad to hear that you have witnessed the same issues within the game. At one point I stopped playing the game as it was impossible to distroy the inhibitors as the shied around it would not come down. I see now that has been fixed
With regards to inhabitants just walking about. I have noticed this in other skirmish types. I noticed in one game I couldn't kill one character and he was just walking round, until all the other characters had been killed then I was able to interact with him. Hope this helps thanks

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Thanks for the details both, I will tag this for an issue for us to investigate once we next do a pass through the reported issues. 




Updating this ticket to reflect that is currently pending our next triage pass.

A heads up that this is not necessarily caused by the Arcane Inhibitor, guessing Mighty Script, and not purely older levels. Encountered it on official maps(The Under Games+skirmish), and Custom Campaign (Squad Leader by Taktikus, third level) in which player is in possession mode and cannot build or cast spells. That level was created just a few days ago.

The affected units is shown in Debug Mode as "Unit is disabled!" under conditions, and there is no information in logs(For you to verify I've attached log, and a save from above Custom Campaign).


squad leader 3_20181201001848

squad leader 3_20181201001848.meta

Great seams like you're on the case nice to know it's not just me.

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I can see those minions in the save, but I have no idea how they can end up in this state. 
Their ability to take part in fights got disabled, this happens for example when units are put on props eg. torture,
but when ever they leave these props this is reset to normal.
Some error must have prevented their reset, but I do not know which.


In the end we found the cause:
Save games however will still keep this issue but it wont happen again in a newly started game.

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