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Map Editor: Mass Replacing Impenetrable Rock along the edge of map

journeywithin 3 years ago updated by anonymous 2 years ago 6

impenetrable rock bug_edit_76561197993291628
impenetrable rock bug_edit_76561197993291628.meta

See map above.  Replace the impenetrable rock where the brimstone is using the mass replace command (ctrl + click).

Bug: If player placed impenetrable rock is touching the map edge (uneditable impenetrable rock) and you use a mass replace command on the player placed rock, then the map edge is treated as part of this and it causes all other impenetrable rock that is touching the edge of the map to be replaced.

Solution: Map edge shouldn't be considered part of the map (even though it shows at impenetrable rock) and thus shouldn't be included in the mass replace command.

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Maaaaaybe, doubt this'll be done though

Haha - it is a minor annoyance but once you know about it, you know not to do it again.  If not a fix, perhaps include it as a map making note in your mightyscript tutorial (if it includes a section on map making).

This issue will be fixed.
The floodfill to find the same terrain will not be allowed to spread through the map border.
Thanks for letting us know.

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